Friday, January 29, 2010

snow :)..... valentine givaway on post below

We have so much snow happening around here! We did get ice first and thankfully our power is still up and running! We are staying warm, but the children are a bit bored, although they have played "pig" basketball inside and also best of 5 shooting free throws. They are all headed outside right now for 4- wheeler/snow board action. All but Mercy that is! Terry and her are over there in a chair snuggled up together watching the Gods and Generals movie. It s a four hour movie, so she'll be occupied for a little while anyway!!! I want Anna to get out there with her camera but will have to wait until the snow stops:)

The bathroom tile is done. We are just waiting for tomorrow to put the "dunny" back on, (the tolilet). That's what they say if your from Australia! It looks great! Terry said they will have to expand their business cards to tiling now!

Ok, I guess that's all the update for now. I'm gonna get some coffee and watch the movie too! The Valentine Giveaway post is below and I gave another hint, so hopefully some body will get it right!!! You all better come on, the Burnett Family is punching hard to win!!! Talk to ya tomorrow announcing the Winner at noon central time, unless I have to come back and give another hint!


The Ahlgren Family said...

I'm sure there's some wonderful sledding with that nice layer of ice underneath!!! Wish we were literally neighbors! Can't wait to see the bathroom completed, "dunny" installed and all, haha! :D Glad you have a "torch" in case the power does go out!
Have fun watching God's and Generals, that's such a good movie!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Wow, sounds like a cold time over there. We have been blessed with the sun the last few weeks and it has lifted my mood. Okay I am bad at these games but I will try cause it is an interesting pic!!! A belt hole to a belt? Or a magnetic button to a purse? That is all i have! I have won before so dont send if I do....... just playing for fun. HOpe you are well.....think of you everyday!!!!


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