Friday, January 22, 2010

a sneek peek......

Can you guess what we have been up to today?? Saturday and Sunday holds a lot of events happening for our family. Saturday after lunch we are going to a friends wedding. Saturday evening we are having Hosanna's 8th Birthday and also remembering Joel's 3rd Heaven Day. Sunday we are having a baby shower after our church fellowship here at our house for Dave and Kate and Mavie/Lilian! All of these events happening all on one weekend is a bit emotional but as I thought of each one and how Jesus is in the midst of every "event" in our lives and these three events are three of the most significant events we will ever face. A wedding, a birth and death. I was encouraged as the Holy Spirit brought to my mind these three events in the scriptures and how Jesus was at each one of them for very special people in His life and how he will so be in the midst of our sorrows and joys. He went to the wedding/marriage in Cana, he was needed there, he was at the grave of Lazarus, Jesus therefore again groaning in himself cometh to the grave, Luke 11:38 oh, how he was needed there, the sorrow. He is also in the beginnings of conception and births of our precious children, for I am fearfully and wonderfully substance was not hid from thee. Ps. 139 and how we praise Him as we trust him with the blessings of children and for how he forms and fashions each one. I am thankful I get to experience three events this weekend that are poignant reminders of how much we need marriage, in births and in death!

Since we have not had many pictures lately, I told Anna, lets take pictures of SOMETHING!!!!! We have been very busy getting ready for all these events, celebrations and rememberances!

I still have to make/paint our "football" run through sign for the big OSU Cheerleader party tomorrow!!!!

We are still on for Birthday donuts in the morning.......wish you could join us!!!!

CD's are almost gone until we re-order very soon.......get one!!!!!!!!


The Gilmore Family said...

I love the photo's!
Especially since I love to decorate cakes and such. :)

Can't wait for pictures from all different 'parties'!!

Sarah G.

Elizabeth McDonnell said...

I play & teach violin, and am curious to know if the boys sell their music arrangements from the new cd???

Teena said...

Looking forward to seeing all the pics of the party! You do such a great job. It inspires me to do MORE fun birthdays with mine and not so much.... the friends and stuft kind of parties... but games and fun stuff for just the family and concentrate on just THEM for their day. :)

I love the pics. How did your girl get so good at pics? How did she get her cowgirl photography emblem.... and all. What kind of camera does she have. Mandi loves taking pics and is really good at it. :)

Much love,