Saturday, January 30, 2010

snow pictures

You can see we have had a bit of snow around here! It is a powdery snow, it is beautiful!

* makin' dinner, lasagna and yummy buttery rolls and I think a salad
*Terry made the sauce for me
*the guys are building Bethany a Nubian goat nursery, kidding season very soon!!!
*Andrew is making "hoops" in the basketball goal
*Elijah is busy with tractor pulling Terry and I out of precarious predicaments from our Wal Mart trip in the van
*no church tomorrow
*coffee later

Have a blessed Lord's Day!

Please be in prayer for the Haitian children and the Vision Forum team and Doug Phillips as they are over there seeking to minister to the great needs of these children/orphans. You can keep up with Mr. Phillips with information he is giving as he is on the ground in Hatti

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-stephanie- said...

beautiful pictures and a sweet little girl with her dog. Such fun.