Friday, January 15, 2010

steaks tonight !!!!!!!

Thank the Lord I made it to the grocery store and back, remember two weeks ago all the van/battery trouble?? It is the Lord's mercy that we continue to have provision to do this. In May it will be 3 years that our family started the construction business. We have had needs met and more, so we are grateful. The guys are busy right now and bids on the burner and job possibilities are out there.....praise the Lord!!

We have some good news with the land that Dave, Caleb and Daniel are pursuing. Its 160 acres and its only about 15 minutes from our house. The elderly man, he is like 90 years old/owner has said he will sell the land to them. They will have to pay some closing costs and things like that but it looks like its "go" on his and our end. Now Dave just has to work with this family that is supposed to buy his house. It takes so much time to bring all the selling and buying together but Lord willing we are praying it all goes well and in the next weeks, Caleb and Daniel will be land owners of 50 acres and DEBT FREE!!!!!!!! I'll let you know when and if it all works out! When Dave called the guys yesterday, they were at work and Terry said before you knew it, whooping and screaming and then, must I tell you????? they shed their shirts and were running like manchy Indians hollering and leaping and shouting!!!!!! It was sooooooo hilarious Terry said. That's only over land, what will they do when they "git them thar a wife!!!!"

Tonight.............STEAKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yep, from our cow!!! Picked up 296 pounds of meat today!!! Freezer full and we'll be enjoying "real beef" for a couple of months.

Have a great weekend.....we'll be hanging around here working and playing..........

Don't forget......a CD, we are selling out of them, gonna have to re-order before to long!!!!! Top right button and click!!!!!!!!!!


Karen said...

That is funny about the wife comment:)....

Still praying for you, my precious friend...

Jessica said...

Truly a reason to rejoice! How wonderful to own the land debt-free so early in adulthood. I pray that this will be true for our children, as well.

Emma and Mommy said...
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Emma and Mommy said...

Second post, deleted the other for too many typos! Sorry. I must be careful to check next time.

What a blessing that land will be for your boys (err sorry... um men) It it such a wonderful thing to see the Lord providing for your family.

The shirts off running around like manchy Indians and the wife comment made me chuckle.

Yummy steak, it must be nice to have a full freezer again.

Bless you all today and always

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi THere! Oh that is great they got the land!!!! Good for them. Debt free and all. My heart rejoices! Oh and too funny the boys had to protect Anna and visa versa.........I just know soon I will be reading of an engagement there. I just know!!! Well glad all got home safe and sound. Blessings


Leanne said...

"Bless your beautiful hide...."

That's what the wife comment reminded me of!

What fun!

And what a great thing for the boys to be debt free land owners! That's what we are shooting for for our only boy who's going to be 15 this spring.

Take care!