Wednesday, January 13, 2010

2 hours

They were 2 hours away, but they had a bit of vehicle difficulties at Wichita Ks. They were hearing something unusual so they stopped to check it out and one of the wheels/tires had only two bolts holding it on, the others were sheered off. Terry was able to make a connection to a fellow that lived in the area and he was able to assist them to a mechanic. At first it did not look too good as far as getting it fixed, the run around with ordering this and that, a woman/receptionists was telling them all that and finally they were able to talk with the mechanic and he seemed to smooth the situation out. I could get on a "soap box" there but I guess I'll leave it:) Anyway, Lord willin' they will be here shortly!!!! Thank you for praying, pray a bit more and we'll have em' here, Lord willing in a couple of hours!!!!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Ahhh Wichita! Hopefully they won't be delayed long.

You will soon have the house back to normal activity.

Janet said...

Not too long now and your home will be filled again! Thank you Lord for safe travelling!
Have a lovely day!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Yeaaah they made it home! Praise God!!!!!
Welcome back, you were much missed!
Mavie especially missed you, Anna... and maybe Elijah too! ;)

Anonymous said...

I always read about going to Kansas, I am just wondering where. I live 10 miles east of Wichita.

Anonymous said...

So glad they made it home!

Can't wait to see pics!