Saturday, January 23, 2010

osu cheerleader party for hosie

Ok, here's the run down of the OSU Cheerleader party. Hosanna's 8th birthday!!!! We made it back from the wedding around 4:45 pm. Grilled up some yummy burgers and hot dogs at the "Sports Grill." The team was so hungry as we really did not eat lunch. Next we were ready for the games. We had a "Field" Goal Kick." Terry help make it out of pvc pipe and we could not have done that if it were not for our new space!!!!!!! Josiah was the first to do it!!!! Another game was throwing the football through a ring and Jeremiah took the win on this one. The funnest game was, "Team Spirit." We had two teams lined up and facing each other and they had to hold hands and not let go, the first one in line took the hula hoop and wiggled and moved it to the next person in line down to the end person and then they had to come back down the line again with the hula hoop and all had to be holding hands. Maybe as you look at the picture it will make more sense. It was funny to see very long and tall guys trying to fit through the hoop!!! And as always and we have to keep with our reputation of deterioration of going down hill at the end of parties, the guys came up with getting the mattresses out of the boys room and jumping through the field goal posts onto the mattresses!!!!! I guess you can see the pictures......pure craziness!!!!!! I have some hilarious video, maybe I can get some up next week!!!!!!!!! It was a great party for Hosie and now she and her little brothers are busy playing with the new birthday gifts.

A day of remembering our sweet Joel too......your forever on our "team." Thank you to all of you for the prayers and all the kind e-mails and comments, I "felt" your prayers. No matter if its 3 years or 50 years, I will miss him and wish he were here. God is faithful!

Well, now we are getting things back in order for church here tomorrow and getting things ready for the baby shower.

Have a blessed Lord's Day!!!!!


Karen said...

Thank you for sharing these pictures. You guys had a blast.

Thank you for sharing that beautiful collage of Joel...tears...

Been praying for you, my friend. God is good!

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Great party, looks like fun. I am learning from you what a "real party" is!! Well hope it was special. Have fun at the shower!! I love baby showers and wish I was closer to come!! ;) Blessings


Anonymous said...

I love your birthday parties! They look like so much fun. I will be 37 in March, will you throw me a birthday party?
You guys are wonderful, and I just loved the pictures of Joel, and the rest of the family in the last post. What a beautiful 8 year old!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh my goodness! What a blast!! You did not miss a detail. Love the running through the team sign. Love the hula game (hilarious). Love the cookies - cute! Love the team spirit. Love the goal post jumping!
Love the cute pics of Hosie. Love how Joel was incorporated in all the fun. Love it all!!

Happy Birthday Hosie!

Teena said...

How awesome! I love your ideas too... your parties. Because of YOUR party themes we are doing our "birthdays" differently!

We will go to Burger King after church (on Wednesday) and I will do cupcakes or something.... with a few of Wyatt's friends but for our big birthday bash... we have started just doing family.... and fun and games! Thanks for the inspiration! It takes lots of stress off... to just do our family and plan fun things and all.

I love love love all the pics! How great. I love the cookies! Also what kind of cake was it? She is beautiful... :)

I love Joel's name on the sign!

much love,

Anonymous said...

I visit your blog often. What a beautiful, Godly family you have. Just wondering if you could do a post with your cookie recipe (the sugar cookies) and the icing you use to decorate them.
Thanks so much
May God continue to bless your family

Uncle Neil said...

Did ya'll take the cheering squad to help the Cowboys whip my Aggies last night? I keep up with you Okla Morris' through the blog. Thanks ! Love to you all. Uncle Neil & Aunt Carol