Monday, January 18, 2010

thanks for the cd orders !!!!!!!!!!

Thanks all you folks out there who are ordering the CD. It is a blessing to send them out and now we need to re-order!!! We still have a few here, so go ahead and click the button and we'll get it in the mail. Thank you too for the encouraging feed back of how you are blessed and are enjoying the beautiful music. That is really "music" to our ears and hearts as we are praying the Lord will continue to let it be a blessing and also a testimony to His name and For His Glory. We have thought of inquiring if any one would like Caleb and Daniel and our family to come to your church/homechurch and share some of their music. I guess you can contact us at and we'll see how the Lord leads. Here's some feedback........

"Thank you for the CD. It is great! What gets me is the way a violin can make your heart sing and cry, at the same time. Please thank Daniel and Caleb for me. Their arrangement of "I'll Fly Away" is good, old fashioned, foot tapping music that glorifies God in a very special way. It isn't quite foot stomping, but is much more gentle on the ears.
Thank you."

Ok, so you all know David and Kate and Mavie/Lilian, well, Dave's sister and her husband and children are visiting them and they all came over last night and we are getting some "real scoops" on Dave!!!! Its his older sister and boy is it funny to hear all the stories. They are all coming over tonight too for dinner and who knows what else we can come up with!!!!!!!!

We are really trying to get back on track with school and some sort of schedule at least in teh mornings. It went fairly well today. I would not do it any other way but I am not a teacher. I had rather plan a party or cook. Terry is more gifted at teaching than me and he does help. I guess I feel like I am on the second group and I do not have much motivation. I still have 3 to teach phonics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think if they can learn to read, it is less time consuming.

Mercy sure keeps our hearts happy.....

in bed the other night......

Mercy to me- "i love you as much as a nut."
Mercy asks me- "are you old???"
Me (almost alseep) "yeessssss, reeeaaaaal old."
Mercy-" no your not, your a new girl!"

For some reason she is really into talking about marriage and kissing. I guess we all talk about future plans surrounding Caleb and Daniel. She loves to kiss me on the lips and justs giggles!!! And she tells her daddy to kiss me on the lips and giggles. At first when we told her one day, Lord willin' Caleb and Daniel were going to get married and move out of our house, she got so sad and pouty. Caleb has been fiddling around drawing house plans and he has this tower looking thing on his and he tells Mercy she can come over and sleep in the tower/turret. I hear her singing and flitting around the other day of how she was going to sleep in a two story house. I finally figured out the conversation she had with her brother. She is certainly the "princess" of our house!!!!

Better go and get dinner underway. The guys had a big concrete pour today, so they might be bit late.

Take care........

thinking of my Joel.......only 5 more days if we were in 07'............

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Ash Y said...

We ordered a CD, really nice!!! My favorite was "Be Thou My Vision." It sounds awesome=-)