Monday, January 11, 2010

monday the 11th.....

I thought I better write "something, anything" to get the post of the wedding prank out of the way, it was a harsh treatment but its fun to have fun, and when there is soooo many guys, they are surely going to come up with "crazy ideas!!!" I guess just make sure you do not invite us to your weddin' hehheheheeh!!!!!

WOW!!! today we are having a heat wave......50*!!!!! NICE!!!! Talked to the children in Wisconsin this morning and at 10 am they were headed to the slopes to ski all day, like until 10 or 11 pm tonight!!! Lord willing they will travel to Kansas tomorrow and spend the night with cousins and pick up Micah and Andrew who are hunting and everyone will head back to Oklahahoma on Wednesday. Lets pray them home safely if the Lord brings it to your mind!!! I am ready for them to get back here!!

Oh, the other night when we were trying to figure out what to do, we ended up calling Dave and Kate and asked them if they wanted to go out to eat. So we all did, to Stillwater and we even got to watch the OSU basketball game in the restaurant instead of paying $40 a ticket (which we were not going to do) It was fun to do that with Dave and Kate! Came back here, fixed coffee and warmed up and Dave did his usual thing of working on house plans!!!!

Not long until Hosanna's 8th BD, the 23rd, also Joel's Heaven Day. She wants to have an OSU party! I always like to incorporate Joel's day with hers and this idea will work well. He will always be on our "team!" Of course we all have our OSU clothes, so that is good!! I have some ideas and they will work good with all the extra space we have in the add on area! Our first BD party with the new space.

Don't forget to order a CD, top right button.......hope everyone is enjoying it and give us some feedback!!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Oh! Those boys better be watching their backs on their wedding day. I imagine there will be some creative and sweet revenge. :-) Boys will be boys!!!

I am sure you will have fun with all that extra space for bd party.

prayin' for a safe return,

Teena said...

Tried to post last night.... but my computer/and phone was not cooperating. I love reading here...

Wow 50* I am sure that is warm for you.... our days the past week have been the high 45-50... it is a artic cold. Us Georgia people are NOT use to this... I haven't been able to walk!

Praying for you... always remembering and thinking of you... LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics.

Oh, and b/c you are such a great THEME party person. My Wyatt wants a LEGO party. He will turn 8 on the 6th of Feb. Any suggestions? You can email me... :)