Thursday, January 7, 2010

its cold, its boring and I'm freezing!!!!!!

Warning: "no new pictures" for the next 6 days, Anna took the camera!!!!! The two groups are off to the North. One group to Kansas and the other to Wisconsin. It has been busy getting them all ready the last few days, but all accomplished!!! So the folks that remain here are Terry and I, Bethany, Josh, Jeremiah, Hosie, Siah and Mercy! It could really get quite boring for the next 6 days. You would think that having "older" children, that they would be the "lowest maintenance," but NOT, the younger children do well, playing and do not keep up with days coming and going. Its the older ones that keep the doors blowing open!!! Plan to do this, do that, go here, go there, next week this is happening, we gotta go, go, go, go!!!! I might actually have a reprieve of such,LOL!!!

It is absolutely so cold here!! I can hardly function. I find myself with coffee in front of the wood stove hibernating. There are surely things I could be accomplishing but I do not have much motivation. Terry and Bethany went to get feed, he will have some errands in OKC tomorrow, Kate will be here tomorrow spending the day as Dave has business and they are also going to make us dinner.....sounds good to me!!!! Caleb, Daniel and Dave are waiting to hear back on an offer they have made on 160 acres of land east of us and a little south. Hope it all works out, but if not we rest that the Lord has something even better!!!

I told you this was going to be "boring." If anything exciting happens I'll keep you posted, until then I'm heading to the coffee station and then the chair that is by the wood stove!!!!

Thanks for all those who have ordered CD's. If you have not gotten one, let us know or hit the button on the top right and make it happen!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

It is funny you say how cold and boring it is. I am feeling the same way!! After the holiday time I get a bit restless and bored and feel liked I am being caged in. I am learning contentment constantly. I do not know if you really meant it is hard to function because of the cold but if you did mean that I was going to tell you to start taking Iodine it. I used to get frozen while everyone else was fine.......I figured out being low on iodine can cause that(thyroid stuff)it works..... anyway sorry you arent motivated now, me neither and I hate that. I hate being so blah!!! Have fun with only 6 home. How strange for you :) Take care.


Teena said...

It is cold here too... not as cold as there... I am sure.. But cold for us in South Georgia.

I am praying for you. I think about you so often. We do the hot chocolate in front of the heater!


-stephanie- said...

We just got several inches of snow here in Wisconsin, so the skiing should be good. And a warmish 24 degrees. Quite pleasant. I just got done shoveling for the 4th time today. Enjoy the wood stove, the coffee and the "quiet".

Sharon said...

We are cold too Cindy - but not as cold as you. Our Florida blood thinks it's pretty bad though. Even the Iguanas are freezing. When the temp. dips in the 40's the lizards become immobile and lose their grip. They have been seen falling out of trees this week! Poor guys.
Take the cold time to make extra family memories - they will remember it forever.

Jessica said...

Remember, as you've posted before, boring is good!

We got several inches of snow yesterday and, with the windchill, we're down near zero at times. My husband went to a warmer part of the country (Corpus Christi) for a Marine Corps commitment until Sunday. The children and I are keeping up with animal chores, which means breaking up plenty of ice in the water buckets!

Mark's Mommy said...

In response to your previous post...I am trying to "hold fast" as Jesus commands. The days seem so long sometimes.

Take care and stay warm.


Carol said...

Psalm 30...."I cried out to You and You heard me. You have raised me out of the pit. I will praise You with song. Weeping lasts for the night, but joy comes in the morning". I know you miss Joel so much, but you are doing so amazingly well and have such a household! I have twin grandsons and I really liked your picture, "forever twins"