Thursday, January 14, 2010

they are back !!!

Matt & Lucinda Gellenbeck



Snow Tubing

Thank the Lord, they are back!!!! We got pretty much the full scoop last night , of all the stories, all the fun, all the people they met, all the guys and girls and new friends, all the places they went, things they did, the 15 foot snow banks that Anna flew off of in her skiing adventures, all the lodge stories of late nights and volley-ball games that were played, of how beautiful the North is, of all the protecting Anna's big brothers had to do from all the fellows that carried her suitcase, got her soup, saved a chair for her........very interesting!!!!!! Anna had to do a bit of big brother protecting as well from the "you now who's".........girls! They had a great time and I think they are wanting to make plans for another ski adventure but first I think they decided they need to work and make some money since they spent sooooo much!

Andrew and Micah had a great time in Kansas with the Aunt, Uncle and cousins! They did not get a deer but saw many and Micah has a mustache!! I kept looking when he got home and sure enough, he grew up while he was away!!!! Its just a shadow, maybe just needs his face washed!!!

Only a few pictures, Anna has another source but we'll have to get those later. It looks like from the pictures, it was beautiful place with all the snow! Thank you everyone that hosted and took care of "our children."

Well, I have been thinking about these last three years, what they have accomplished, how I have been changed for the better and worse, have I came through "smelling like smoke" or not, has my thoughts changed of God, have I disappointed Him or honored Him, have I been changed? I do not know if I can answer all those but this morning as I was re-reading the book of Job the last few days, my main hope is that I have done, will do this all my days and that is to speak of me the thing which is right. (Job 42:8) Job's friends DID NOT speak of the Lord right, they did not see God in all the trials, they did not speak of God's Sovereignty and His goodness in all the difficulties. "in that ye have not spoken of me the thing that is right, like my servant, Job." I want to. I know I have not done it implicitly but I want to tell others of what He hath done and will do for them as trials of faith come their way, of His faithfulness, of His living Words taht give hope to our hearts when faced with death. The only way one can speak right of God is because one is reading and learning of "Who" God is, His person and all that flows from His hand is just and right even when our minds can not fathom the depths, the darkness, the valleys that are given unto us. Let me Lord, speak right of YOU!

Today....the guys are back to work, we will be hitting the "mountains" again......the laundry mountain!!

Hold fast til I come,


The Munck Family said...

What a beautiful family you have. Looks like the Lord is using you all in a mighty way. We too are a large family with very much the same values as yours. Happy we have come across your blog and will be checking back in.


-stephanie- said...

Being a part of the "beautiful north" in Wisconsin...I thank you for that compliment.
Glad everyone is home safe. There's no place like home.

Teena said...

Love the pics! Thinking of you.... glad everyone is home safe.

I am fustrated. I took a long time writing up a new blog post... then one of the kiddos came by and exited it. I went to my drafts but it wouldn't work... so it is gone. :( It was strange cause I shared about seeing the GOOD in things.... hmmmm.... Also about today is 2 1/2 yrs ago my Dad went to be with Jesus. I still miss him so much.

Maybe tomorrow I can blog. I will call it a day...

Much love,

Mountain Mama said...

So glad they are home! Sounds like a fun time. I am sure great memories were made.

ps You know, they are going to have try out our mtns.?

Anonymous said...

Wow, great photos! Were they at Spirit Mountain in Duluth?

Amy in MN

Anonymous said...

Wow! I love all the photo's Anna!!

I want to skiing again! And I'd love to go tubing on snow!!

Sarah G.