Tuesday, October 22, 2013


helloooooooooo!!!!! For some reason I cannot post from my phone right now so I guess no photos since all my photos are on my phone and on instagam and I have no idea how to do all that fancy stuff. Anyways, lets see if I can push the publish button and make it happen from this computer.

It is finally starting to look Fall on the farm! I do think the leaves changing makes a farm looks so homey and inviting. So I guess if you wanna drive by and stop in, go ahead. Always coffee brewing as you already know that part. Hosanna and I have been enjoying some tea lately. We got this new little perfect tea maker and some loose tea leaves and it really does make the tea taste wonderful. making memories is what im all about anyways, who cares if it cost $60 for the thing. I have to admit that sales woman had ne so confused, I had to just make a purchase and get out of there.

Not long til Hosanna has her donkey show. She will be taking Jigger through an obstacle course. She has been very very diligent to work with him everyday!!!!

Another exciting happening is Annas preparation for Africa in January!!!! It is amazing to me to see God provide the resources through so many random people that we don't really know but who have dropped by the coffee shop, they chatted and then gave her money. I have several txts from her telling me about this one and that one. But I suppose that is just His character. Providing for his will to be done in our lives. One thing I know and am continuing to learn is his faithfulness.

well.....lets see if this posts!!!!!

have a great day!!!

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Ann Parker said...

I LOVE Hosanna's little donkey!!! He just looks so precious. I don't ever remember being up close enough to a donkey to pet one, but I sure would love to hug that one's neck. Awww, he's sweet!