Friday, October 30, 2009


your birth.....
our first touch
alas, your in my arms
my heart too
ahead.....joys unspeakable
memories being made
small hands clasping my fingers
your walking!!!
squeals, laughs, hugs
you give to others
running, laughing, playing
brothers, sisters, never lonely!
a hurt, a tear
its me, your mother, near
we seek, we pray
our day becomes dark
Jesus, oh Jesus!
your death
our last touch
......for now
alas, your in His arms
but still in my heart
.....for she loved much

How could I not?? I still love much!! I read that scripture this morning in Luke, for she loved much. Writing helps, thanks for allowing me to keep grieving.......

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-stephanie- said...

I watched Joel's Journey the other night. I was so touched by the love, and so saddened by the loss. Yes, how can you not still have that love. It never ends.

karen said...

Thank you for stopping by and commenting. Thank you for the beautiful verse..I will let my husband read this when he gets home from work. I know he will be greatly encouraged as I started as a weepy day, but God tenderly brought words (written and spoken) from others to encourage my heart.

I look forward to reading your blog further and about your precious Joel...Your family pictures brought a smile...

Leanne said...

May all your days begin, endure, and end with the comfort on the Holy Spirit can give.

May your heart remember always.

May you learn to laugh without ache and love again without fear.

Katie said...


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Sweet Cindy. Thank you for sharing.