Saturday, October 31, 2009

are ya ready for some football?????

It's Saturday and football is on............

We went to a high school football game last night, those of us who did not go to the goat show and now they are even more excited!!!!!! This football stuff has been growing! Remember awhile back the photos and they did not have all the gear? Well, since then Craiglist and searching at thrift stores has brought a "go team!!" That is all except Siah's gear, because his big brothers bought his at Academy, a sports store!!! Jeremiah could not figure out last night with the opposing team, why they could not even punt a good one, or why can they could not get past the 50 yard line and why did they only have about 15 players when our team had around 70? Obviously, they were not that great and then Jeremiah felt sorry for them. It was pretty bad. The score was 58-0!!! Oh, and it was sooooo cold!!!

The calls that are coming in from the Boer goat show is great news!! Bethany is placing well! So far she has got a 2nd, a 1st and a Reserved Grand!! That was with the first show, now the second show will be underway. Praise the Lord!


Teena said...

LOVE the pics!

My oldest boys Michael (24) and Dakota (16) were talking *football* today too. It is the annual Georgia Bulldogs vs the Florida Gators game today. Out of the last 19 GA/FL games Florida has won 16 ... so it doesn't look good for us Bulldog fans. But I grew up in Florida so doesn't matter to me.... plus they have Tim Tebow... who was home schooled and his parents are missionaries to the Phillippines. :)

Have you ever heard of him?

Thanks for sharing the pics... can't wait to hear more about Bethany and the goats.

Pray for Mandi she is home this weekend and leaves to go back tomorrow. :(


Janet said...

That looks like serious game of football! And yet, they're having so much fun. :)