Monday, October 12, 2009


Immersed in painting, almost done, waiting the bunk beds and thinking I am liking the little cowboyish corner that is being created for a bunch of country cowgirls. The bottom of the wall has an undercoat of dark brown with a chocolate glaze rag washed on it, the chair rail is painted black with a distressed look. I figured out how to make it look distressed by rubbing a candle/wax on it and then painting over and where the wax is the paint does not adhere. Then I applied the brown glaze and it certainly looks weathered and old!! I am working on the top of the wall now, its a camel color and I have to put the color wash on it with a bit of darker glaze. Its not a very big room and the wall space will mostly be the bunk beds but I hope to get a small table, distress black look at the same place we got the beds and add some decorations to it since I will not have much area on the walls.

A busy weekend lay behind us, while I was in the middle of painting, I sold a vanity/desk and one of the daybeds in the girls room on Craigslist. Some went to the Tulsa State Fair for the Boer show. It was a really big show. In one class there were 70 entries. Andrew placed 10th in another class of 33. Even that is good! But the best and most exciting happening was Elijah showed our 10buck2 Buck that Bethany got last year and placed 1st. Then he went into the champion drive for yearling bucks and got GRAND CHAMPION!!!! This is a major win for Bethany!! We have one more show in two weeks and that will wrap it up til spring.

We have had some "very more than fall weather" here, too cold for me!! Been sipping lots of coffee!! Pumpkins are strewed here and there and we are all snuggled in the house today! School done, laundry going, dinner in the making and littles playing in the LR with a playmobile town soon to be built!

The guys are hopefully about to finish framing the one house and then on to several other jobs already lined up! So thankful for the work that has been provided. Work means groceries and electricity around here!!!

I was reading in Hebrews this morning, so much just leaped out, but this particular verse did especially. I am so amazed of God's mercy to one as I, so much that still needs change in my life yet He still is working to finish the work that was begun some 27 years ago when I trusted Christ to save me. These people I live with each day know me best and see my inconsistencies and the dross that needs to be melted off and they still like me/love me!! The mercy we do not deserve and the grace needed to become more like Him......what a great Jesus!!!

By faith Enoch was translated that he should not see death; and was not found, because God had translated him: for before his translation he had this testimony, that he ____________

Do you know what goes in the blank??? Do you know what kind of testimony he had? And it happened before he was translated! That means he had an incredible testimony before he died. It says "he pleased God." I do not always please God, but I want to learn to more and more! I want to "think", if this or that will please Him and seek to make decisions based on desiring this testimony for my own life. We all have areas that we know ourselves and are seen by others that need change and then there are areas that maybe are not so visible but maybe lie in our hearts that need change. In the visible and invisible I want God to continue His work in me and by his grace grant somewhat a testimony as Enoch. May He do that in all our lives and through His power may the "blank" be filled in with "that we please God."

Stay warm......

.......and doesn't she look like Joel?????


Maureen said...

Wow Cindy, this is how I have been praying! I just posted a song called Savior, Please by Josh Wilson to my blog and it is amazing... check it out. I am so glad that my Jesus is not finished with me yet... I need so much more!

Blessings to you and yours, Maureen

Leanne said...

Thank God for hearts that actually want the dross skimmed off!

And yes, she does look like Joel. Sweet.

Katie said...

She really does! So precious.

Love that verse in Hebrews.

Teena said...

She does! So awesome!

Yes to live a life pleasing to Him. I have learned that being HIS and trusting HIM is what it is all about.

Thank you..