Wednesday, March 31, 2010

last day of march!


* Jeremiah (11) can text faster that me!
* today has not started out to well.......goat to the vet.....again.....different one!
* Daniel slept on his land all by his self last night.....others, too tired
* I had to overnight a letter to OKC, only 40 minutes a way and it cost $13, ridiculous
* took Daniel breakfast while I was out
* just kinda hum-de dum around here
* so many tulips coming up around our brick wall where Joel's red bud tree is
* Jeremiah just informed he is 10, not 11
* getting a few things together for Joshua's party Friday
* walked through a mall yesterday, first time in loonnnng time, looking for a Lego store
* temp up to 90* today......perfect!
* getting serious on treadmill again, lost 22-24#, want to go for 8-10 more, its hard!

We are thankful for the jobs the guys are getting. Today a few went to build a house and Daniel and Micah are helping Dave pour his footing for his house. It has been a hard month financially. When your self employed you don't get paid every week or two weeks and sometimes it is long stretches between payment of jobs. Hope April is better! Terry definitely carries the burden of the finances, sometimes I don't know how he handles the stress of it, but he does a good job. Its so funny in the evenings when we have our family time of Terry reading and then prayer time, Mercy speaks out loudly her requests and it goes like this......"JOBS, LAND, WIFE!!" there are some more but last night Terry called Mercy over and said "Mercy, two prayers have been answered, the land and we have some jobs, so now only one more........WIVES" LOL!!!! Goodness, I guess send your requests in to Mercy, because she is making it happen.....(the Lord is making it happen:) So cute!

Laying in bed with her can be very exciting, she is a talker for sure. I am laying there of course so sleepy and she is just jabbering away! She says in 4 year old voice, "did u know Jesus is comin back on a white horse and Ima gonna git on the back and ride to heaven wif him," I then told her she would get to see Joel, she said in a long drawn out "yeeeaaaaaahhhhhhh!" (like yes) Then she continues her journey with Jesus and said, she was gonna go over and see the tiger (lion??) and it was gonna sit down!!! To have faith of a child is indeed precious, may mine be more as a child, like my Mercy's!!!

So many things I want to get done around here, flower beds, painting, clean up, but I need to be content as I wait for big guys to help and for resources. I do not "wait" well. I see all the projects and want to get it done. I guess all in good time.

Resurrection Sunday is so very important to my heart! I would be most miserable if it were not true, I would have no hope to see Joel again. But alas and did my Savior bleed, He was killed, buried in a tomb and He arose from the dead.......Hosanna, Hosanna, Hosanna! He is my blessed Hope to see my little Joel again! May you find your hope in Him too!

Tonight, a few guys are helping a neighbor move, Elijah has fire training, fixing roast burritos and we are trying today to do our regular Wed. cleaning. I still got the wood stove going.....hehehe!!


missy said...

I hope that you all have a wonderful Easter!!! It is such a wonderful day to celebrate. It is so sweet to hear about your little ones and how they look forward to seeing Joel again! What a precious family you have! Missyin TN

Karen said...

You are busy...

I don't know what you are looking for at the Lego store, but Target has mini Legos in the Easter section for 3.50. They are tucked back for extra Christmas gifts for my boys.

Teena said...

love coming and reading.... Happy Easter.....

just such encouragement for me...

Hugs my dear friend,

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

I really love reading about your large families every day life!! To you it is just the norm but for me it is so exciting!!! :) I love how blogging has allowed me to peak in at the lives of those who I admire. Wow, 90 degrees!!!!! We are freezing still. And a fire? Oh my, have you tried that iodine? A fire in that weather would be awful!!! :) Well take care. Can not wait to see the party pics coming up!! Oh and sorry about Bethany's goat again. Hopefully all is well.


Sit A Spell said...

First I have to ask...why is the wood stove going??? 90 today? We only saw mid 70's here in Florida, which was perfect. Hubby took off work and we all went to Disney's Animal Kingdom.

Looks like more than a hoe hum day to me girl! I haven't been to a mall in a long time either. We do hit Kohl's though!

I sure hope your goat will be alright. More Legos??? I bet you have a kazillion around your place. OH, we have a lego store near me...I should buy some and send them. You can pick and choose whatever color you want.

The more I hear about Mercy, the more she reminds me of a special friend of mine from yrs ago! ;)