Monday, March 8, 2010

why would He ask such a question????

Raining again today!!! Looks like a long week of clouds and rain. I told Mercy that it looked like a dreary week ahead and she said "isn't that good for the garden?" Out of the mouth of a child, perspective is gained. Bethany and Anna are enjoying the S. sisters that are here visiting. Probably will not be quite as adventurous as they had hoped with the weather as is. A very looooonnnnnggggg game of Dutch Blitz, and hitting the volley ball in the house has been experienced this morning!!! They just headed to town to get some ingredients to make homemade we really need them, but something to do! The guys will be "guaranteed pleased!!" Friday, if the Lord is willing Caleb, Daniel and Dave and Kate are suppose to close on the 160 acres. We are praying all goes well and the Lord "gives them this land (mountain)." Keep you posted as how it all goes.

Reading in the book of John, partly because I want to ponder and think of Jesus' last days on earth as Resurrection Sunday is approaching. Imagining as much as finite mind will allow the weight of what He came to do. I came across a scripture, John 20:14, that I have read numerous times since Joel went to heaven. It has caused me to be quite perplexed. Mary Magdalene is at the tomb. She is perhaps in one of her most darkest moments, weeping and wondering and questioning. I can almost picture the distress, anguish and heartbreak, a familiar feeling of my own. Then the perplexing thought to my heart is why does Jesus ask her why she is weeping and who do you seek? I can almost feel myself say in my heart, that seems to be unfeeling, thoughtless as such. Here is a woman experiencing a deep, dark trial and Jesus himself wants to know "why she is crying and who is she looking for?" My goodness, does He not know???? I might have found myself a little perturbed. I likely would have felt like exploding with, "don't you know why I am crying, its my Joel, he's not here with us, his cancer journey ended!!!! In the 18:4, it says Jesus therefore knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth and said unto them, Whom seek ye? And He replied I am he, and He asked again and he replied I am he. It says He knows all things. If He knew why does He ask? I think His questions are not for Him to find out information for himself, since we know He knows ALL things, but the questions are for us. I think the questions call us to look beyond us, our trial, our circumstance, look beyond death as to what she was literally facing, the tomb. He called her name Mary and she then saw for real it was Jesus. She saw, she heard, she acknowledged what He was to her, Master. Back over in the other verse I mentioned where Jesus said, I am, he is calling those that are there to look beyond the present circumstances and he is proclaiming WHO he is. It is not wrong to weep as Mary did and to question but we need to look beyond to the One that will help, our Master, the I am. Another verse that complimented my thoughts was in John 9:37-38, And Jesus said unto him, Thou hast both seen him, and it is he that talketh with thee. And he( the blind man) said Lord I believe. And he worshipped him. Four things here, just as Mary saw, and talked with Jesus and in this verse two other components to looking beyond the moments trials and adversities of life, is believing and worship. Believing that God is truly in control, he is actually providentially orchestrating every detail of our lives, every jot and tittle so to speak and then to worship our great God. I have to constantly keep truth before me, because the enemy wants me to not trust God's plan and not to worship the Lord. So when we weep, when questions arise from within or from the Lord, they are not for Him they are for us, it drives us to Him......Master, the great I am.

Well, those girls should be gettin' back and doughnuts will be underway soon, but no eat em' til after dinner and we get the aroma of coffee going and settle in on this cold dreary evening, but that "grows the garden" and enjoy!!!

I have quite a few pictures from our weekend......I'll get Anna to post those on another post, just pictures.

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Who wouldn't be pleased with doughnuts?!!!!!!!!