Friday, March 26, 2010

all kinds of info........but nothing major!!

* Joshua's party is next Friday the 2nd, not tonight!*

Its 3 pm and I finally feel like things are somewhat orderly, although Mt Everst (pile of clothes needing folded) is about 3 feet tall in the chair! Bethany, Elijah, Micah, Andrew and Hosanna have headed over to take the goats and get set up for the show tomorrow. They have to be washed, blow dried and get them all cozied down in their stalls. We will have two loads of people going in the morning. I'll go in the second group a bit later and take our lunch and then in the after noon, the little people and I will come back. The show will not be over until 5 or so. Church is at our home this Sunday and need to get things squared away for that. It is sooooo windy today but sun and fairly warm. Next week looks super with temps close to the 80*. My kind of heat!!!!! I am still wanting Terry to keep the wood stove going and we have a little heater going too, I think I am burning them up! I guess I better consider that I can put clothes on but they can not take clothes off!!!!!!! or they better not!!!

Yesterday was grocery day and Terry and I had to go to OKC so he hauled me around to do much of the shopping. You see it was a good thing that he did because I would have been in Elijah's truck which is very tall and I would not have been able to hoist the sacks and boxes in to the back end. I do not want to sound ungrateful for the wheels provided but I really miss our van and taking it grocery shopping. We went to Sams, Wal Mart, Aldi's and there was no more room, meanwhile Bethany called and said we needed to try to come home and take this certain goat to the vet. So we headed home and unloaded, they took goat and then I turned around and went back to town to the grocery store, Target and check out paint samples for the bathroom.

I still need to paint the bathroom but all the BD's have not allowed me to have extra resources. I did pick the samples out and brought them home and they will work, so I hope to get the paint Monday when I take Jeremiah to the dentist, yes he has a cavity!!! The walls will be a brown shade and the ceiling an orangeish shade and after that the cabinets a black worn look.

It has been interesting to meet up with people on fb that I have not seen or heard from since maybe high school and then many back in my hometown and church that I have not seen in 10 years or so. Many have stopped by Joel's Journey here and expressed encouragement to me and I am grateful for a heart touched, a family blessed, a mother encouraged, a life changed and it all has to do with this blog, with Joel, with Jesus, with bigger plans than I can fathom! I read a verse this morning and its a "prescription" for all of us. Is any among you afflicted? let him pray. Is any merry? let him sing psalms. James 5:13 Early on this grieving journey, it seemed there were very few that endured much, had afflictions, trials, difficulties. It seemed like so many were "escaping" it. It seemed like there were more "merry" people than "afflicted" ones. But as time has passed and I have read about and "seen" many, there are lots of hurts out there. So because we live in a fallen world, we will have "afflictions," but we also will have merry times too! If you are afflicted, pray, seek the Lord. If your merry and you feel his sweet mercy drops, then sing! I find myself doing both because I experience both. May prayer and a song fill your heart with what you need.

Lego party underway! Joshua's big 12th BD Friday! He was actually born on his due date. So orderly, thank you, Josh!!!!

Eating spinach out of our garden....yep its yummy!!

Tulips close to blooming!

Great tasting strawberries at Sams! Can't wait for our own in our garden!

Mercy told Siah, " I have two cows.".......................( then pointing to her calves/legs!!)

Have a great weekend!!!!!


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

You are a busy lady! What a blessing though huh? I had to share that my Joshua was born on his due date too. All my others came early and he decided to arrive just on time. Hope the goat show goes wonderful and oh, so wish we could come to your church! That would be SO amazing. Take care.


Karen said...

I can't wait to see the Lego pictures...
Oh, just got to read your post below about the bunny...::sigh::...such life lessons for little ones to learn. Thank you for always pointing to Jesus.
Love you,

Sit A Spell said...

Love this post...reminds me of my there and yonder! You are still the Cindy I remember and I love ya. I also love that you have this blog. "Sissy" loves going through it with me. (I'll inbox you something about her later!)
I sure hope the goat show goes well for y'all...sounds like a full day.
I'd come paint that bathroom with ya if I was closer. We'd have some fun!
How many families are in your home church? Do y'all rotate weekly? little man loves them. He built a cool ship today.
Too many critter where I am to grow anything. As a matteer of fact "they" tell us not too. See, this house backs to a conservation area. Tons of critters, including Black BEAR !!! I think one stole my brand new birthday bird feeder! Grrr.

Teena said...

Can't wait to see the pics of the Lego party....

Busy busy....

thinking about you and reading... just can't comment from my phone.