Friday, March 5, 2010

tour of homes......

Welcome........ This exclusive two story home sits in the shade trees of White Oaks. The owners always have the doors open for guests anytime! As you can see they show no partiality! It is equipped with all the latest facilities for your restful visit. A tree hook-up for your internet service, two story to sneak away for a quiet nap, kitchen-aid appliances to create delicious, mouth watering trays of "Delectable Dirt." It is always decorated for any holiday of your choosing! They even have "Express Mail" service if your friends miss you!! Make your reservations quick, as you can see guests are already arriving. Contact Hosanna, Josiah, Mercy, Jeremiah or Josh.

What a beautiful day today! I was so enthused, I had to get outside and "do" something! I started with the flower bed and Bistro Patio, cleaning out the flower beds, raking and sweeping and clipping back some of the bushes. It looks sooooo much better even with out all the bright plants I hope to plant in another month or so. Other exciting news is Anna's cow finally had her calf, a girl, so that is a double "yes!" She was out there observing it all. Lots activity happening outside today, everyone is enjoying the 70* temps. The guys are heading home. They layed tile at a re-model job and have to wait until it sets to finish up. I know C and D will head straight to the land. Terry will likely get in the garden and plant some more and I need to figure out what to fix for dinner. Saturday will be a day of work, play, waiting for the girls friends, Hannah S. and Sarah S. to arrrive and getting ready for church at our house and also Josh and Josiah will be getting baptized in our pond, just as Hosanna and Jeremiah back in Sept. So thankful for the Lord's mercy to convict, forgive and make us new creatures in Christ, and then to grow us up in Him as long as we travel upon this earth and then finally our mortal lives changed to immortality and forever with the Lord!!!!!!!

Hope everyone has a great weekend!!!

We are still sending out the guys music CD's, order yours if you have not!!!! We are blessed to continue to receive comments of how the Lord is blessing others through this endeavor!!


Mountain Mama said...

Oh my goodness! So cute. I have a few little people that would like to visit and help around "the house". Did your guys build it?

Congrats on baby girl calf! And how very exciting about the ones getting baptized. God is good!


Mandy said...

I love, love, love the play house! I would have never left that thing when I was a girl. Plus, I didn't get my first KitchenAid appliance until last Christmas! That's a well equipped kitchen!

Anonymous said...

Hosanna is just beautiful!!

Love all the pictures!

Sarah G.

Anonymous said...

We are really enjoying Caleb and Daniel's CD. It is so beautiful. I like to sing along with it, but I stop after a few minutes because my voice RUINS it. It's kind of like putting a silk purse and a sow's ear together.

When we started listening to it, I wondered if they could sing. That question was answered when we got to the song Caleb wrote. What a voice he has!!!!

We love it! Thanks.

Ann Parker