Saturday, March 13, 2010

4 pm....thrown out!!!!!!

There was a day........say when Caleb and Daniel were about 14-16, Bethany was 12ish, Elijah was 10ish, Anna 8, Micah 6, Andrew 4, Josh 2 and preg. with Jeremiah when it was like clock work on this little farm. Take for instance on a Saturday, it was a day Terry was off and we were ALL here. We worked around the farm, repaired things if needed, garden stuff and most evenings a game of baseball, soccer, or dodge ball was happening out in this designated place from our house. We had our own team! We would come in a 4 pm, eat, get showers/baths, doing evening routines, prepare for Sunday church and would all be in bed for sure by 10pm. Clockwork, yet sad to say maybe far too rigid......yes it was as I think back. Did I even have time to stop and "smell the roses?" Doubt it!!!! I was too into schedule!!! But thankfully at the time all the children did not know other wise and they flowed with it. But NOW, wow!!!! How things have changed!!! I do like the changes, its exciting, kinda like living on the"edge!" Always going, doing and making plans....the children that is!!! For instance, last evening kitchen preparing our dinner which was only homemade pizza but the guys come through the door and sets himself (Caleb) in a stance and I knew by the look in his eye that something was up!! He announced that he and Daniel were going to a Thunder basketball game and was needing to leave in say 20 minutes!!! Asks if pizza is ready while I am putting all the ingredients on.......I say "not yet, it'll be at least 30 minutes." Caleb replies, "can you get one done quick?" I say, "it can only cook so fast!" Meanwhile they are gettin ready and others are scrambling around too. The guys ask Terry if he wants to go. But all day long he has been doing wiring in the new space area and its a disaster of build block foam all over the place. He decides he will go with them!!!! The reason others are scrambling is because a load of them are going to play volley ball in town. Lets see who is left, Bethany, Jeremiah, Josh, Hosie, Mercy, Siah! Bethany only stays because she has a goat in labor. Pizza is grabbed up, engines started and they are off. Meanwhile its time to monitor mama goat in barn. Bethany stays up there and I check in with her by text and calls, occasionally, its so cold, I can't stand waiting up there. A little before midnight the doe pops out triplets! Terry has made it back by the birth but enroute to come back home he dropped off Caleb and Daniel at the volley ball place! Finally after midnight goats are settled in human house for the night, I head to bed! Sometime after midnight the rest of the groups arrive......never knew it. Ok, now lets move on to Saturday, today. At least I knew of two things happening today, one being Mercy, Hosanna are going to a little girls tea party and Anna is going with them to assist. Other thing is Bethany is expecting some folks from Texas to pick up a baby goat. The other things happening of the day were only rumors and I did not know of definite plans, the plans being Dave and the guys going to an auction and then Elijah and Micah going over to a friends to help work on a dirt bike after taking the girls to the tea party! SOOOOO, I do not know if your following me here in thought but the 4 pm clockwork has been thrown out the door many years ago! I guess I am just giving all you young mommies with small children a "heads up." Things will not always be mundane, routine and boring so to speak!!! I love every phase of children but I definitely like the "older child" phase. So, who knows what will be happening in a few hours, minutes, seconds at our house!!!!! I need to think of a creative motto. "Be ready" or hey help me out, give me some ideas!! Really its fun and would not want it any different!!

Plans are underway for a sweet little girls 4 year BD, Mercy! She is having a "Tiny Teacup Party." We are going to have tiny treats, tiny guests that attend and she is getting some tiny gifts. Curious???? Stay tuned until the 19th!!!! Then I have to get Andrew's 14th BD in on the 21st, his is not major, just a "happy birthday."

Hope you have a great Saturday.......maybe yours will not be so routine!!! :)


Anonymous said...

Wow! Volleyball at midnight!!?? That's the strangest thing I've ever heard!! But, sounds like loads of fun!!!

It was fun readin your post Ms. Cindy, by the end I was all excited! :) Such fun times!

Sarah G.

Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Thank you for sharing this. I really like to glean from you. I am in that "schedule mode" and sometimes feel so rigid but on the other hand if I did not have my schedule and them in bed on time I would be wiped out!!! It is so fun to hear how different it is with older children. What a fun season to watch them and all the excitement. I love the phase I am in but it is SO much work. I am my only help! ;) Except when Chad is around. Well anyhow. Loved your post.


Emma and Mommy said...

I can't wait to learn more about this tiny tea cup party for Mercy. My goodness is she going to be 4 already? Where has time gone?

I have never really done a big party for Emma and Ella, and am considering it for this coming Oct. Maybe a special tea party, not sure yet.

You always do the best parties! Can I be one your children? Just one more, you probalby wouldn't even notice me, I can be quite and blend in and stand in the back and not be seen. LOL

Have a blessed week coming up, and wonderful rest of your Sunday

Jessica said...

Hi Cindy,

I use canning jar rings to cut out the hamburger buns.

Hope you're having a blessed Sunday.

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy,

Your post made me think back to when I was in my forties. I used to say that I'm a Boy Scout now, because my motto is "Always Be Prepared!"

Same Ole,
Ann Parker

The Ahlgren Family said...

Ah, isn't the edge wonderful!!! ;)
Yeh, I think the Boy Scout motto "Be Prepared" would be a good one. It's fitting too because you have mostly boys! That, or something like "Ready. Set. GO!" Although... sometimes there is no set, occationally no ready, but always GO!!! We love you guys!

Anonymous said...

That sounds like our house! :D Love the chaos... yep!!

Sit A Spell said...

I need to print off a picture of y'all to look at as I read your post! My Emily already has them down, but I guess my age is showing. Let me think about a motto...

Midnight volleyball is right up my alley! Sounds fun.

I'd love to be your neighbor...however, I wouldn't be quiet like the other lady blogger said...I'd be right smack dab in the middle of all of it!

Abigail said...

Sounds absolutely delightful! I love spontaneous events but they don't happen that often around here! Our family needs to go ahead and "morph" into that stage! Keep having fun!