Thursday, March 4, 2010

gardening underway......

We have finally got some sun and the ground is dry enough to start getting some things in. First round of spinach in and first round of onions in. In a few weeks we will be planting 100 pounds of red potatoes and some more lettuces but for now the ground looks good for the onions!!! My dad is leaving in the morning, he just pops in and then pops out!!! They do have fun while he is here!! He really likes the boys prospective land, hopefully to close on March 12th, Lord willin'

Talk to ya later.......

oh, and first "official" volley ball game TONIGHT outside on home turf!!!!!!


Karen said...

Ohhh...Dale just picked up cabbage and broccoli and onions to plant. He is itching to get out there, but won't be able to until this weekend. I am so ready for spring and fresh veggies!
Love you!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Hurray for warmer weather!!!
Wow that soil looks nice, as it should after 16(?) years of work!!! Can't wait to see how your garden does this year!

Teena said...

wow that is great about your garden... already! I haven't even thought of mine.

We are reading/studying about Butterflies.... so we are going to make a butterfly garden.

We will plant tomatoes, bell pepper, squash, zuchini, & okra. Do you guys like okra?


The Gilmore Family said...

Oh yay! Great pictures! We are getting our garden ready to plant and my mom planted the onions last evening too!

Hmm.... we've not thought about playing volleyball yet this year.... but, sounds like fun and wish we could come!! We love playing all summer, even though it gets so hot.

Sarah G.