Sunday, March 21, 2010

andrew is 14 today !!

Andrew our 7th born is 14 today! We had his party last night. It was a "Survival Party." Every 14 year old needs a Survival kit, especially if you live in a family of 15. It was packed full with essentials such as small one pot specialty coffee, pop tarts, some candy bars, batteries for his deer camera, and of course some Mt. Dew!! He also got a really nice bow that he picked out last night at an archery store. I think I need a Survival Party! May the Lord work mightily in your heart Andrew to walk in His ways, seeking His kingdom all your days!! Happy 14th BD!!!!!!

We did not have church today, many of our families travel long distances so the men decided to cancel. We took advantage of not having to get up and slept in very late!! We had Andrew's special breakfast at around 10:30 and here it is 3 pm and just ate some lunch! I did not get in on it last night, I had already gone to bed, the partying wore me out, but Dave and Kate and Mavie came over at 11 pm and they all watched a movie "Tora, Tora Tora." A Pearl Harbor movie. I did hear some happenings about 1:30 am so I guess they were still up and going!

A big day for Caleb, Daniel and Dave tomorrow, suppose to close on the land at 1:30. We are hoping the snow will not be a hindrance to everyone getting there. Keep you posted about it!

*This is for Anne, and whoever else is interested, I put a link on the side to the posts for the much requested recipes for the Sugar Cookies and Icing and also the Doughnuts. Enjoy!!!!!

Hope you all have a restful Sunday..........


( : The Mavericks : ) said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANDREW!!!!! Sounds like you're quite prepared now with that basket of goodies! Hope you have a blessed and adventuresome birthday!

Sit A Spell said...

He looks like he's gonna enjoy his basket full of goodies. I still like Mt Dew and Baby Ruth! What a handsome fella! My Sissy is 14 ; )

What a great center piece he has on his birthday table...Happy BIRTHDAY Andrew !!!

I'm guessing y'all got quite a bit of crazy for late March. I'm thinking y'all enjoyed your late birthday breakfast and day of rest.

Anonymous said...