Monday, January 5, 2009

Monday Report...

Caleb, Daniel, Bethany and Danielle and John-Clay left yesterday (Sun.) heading to San Antonio for the Filmmakers Academy. We have heard from them, they arrived safely and are having a good time. They are staying with one of John-Clay's friend in a house until we get there later this week and then our family and Danielle will be staying in a hotel within walking distance of the convention center where the Festival is taking place. It looks like the weather is going to be really nice....warm and that sounds good to me, I am a cold natured person and I need warmth!!!!.....although Terry says he can give me all the warmth I need:)

Tomorrow is a big day at the job site for Terry and Elijah. The owner of the house (and Build Block itself) is conducting a Build Block meeting and he is bringing about 40 folks from around the country to the job site to give a tour of the house. Today he took Josh, Micah and Andrew along to help work. Micah and Andrew managed to frame up a 12 foot wall and stand it up all by themselves......thats big for them!!! They are hoping to get the walls finished framed up tomorrow and the first phase is behind them, but a lot of work to go.

Oh....on the previous post, Anna was just taking random shots outside, but after I looked at them they held a little story....I thought it was sweet. I am liking Anna's camera. There was a picture of a lot of people in on that she took outside and the whole picture was so sharp and clear. This camera has 10 focal points and I can tell a difference in that! She is still learning about it and getting use to all the options.

So today Jeremiah was the man of the house, putting wood in the fire and doing some outside chores. With just Anna, Jeremiah, Hosie, Josiah and Mercy and myself, we found ourselves quite bored. Anna did make some Gingerbread cookies with them but they turned out to be big and fat people, but they did get "et up." She also had her piano student come and she did give a lesson. Terry has now ran with Anna to the store to get a couple of things because we are operating on one vehicle as the boys have the truck. She is going to see if they have a game called Tri-bon (sp) It was a really fun game we played at Dave's the other night. News on the van....Dave came by this morning to help out and had to take Terry to town twice, but the transmission fluid is still leaking out, something to do with the hose. Tomorrow Terry is taking it to the mechanic . Little by little we are getting a new van....part by part.....:) It is surprisingly still rolling!!!

Just a quick "Monday Report." Stay warm!!!!


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Joy said...

Cindy, I have been meaning to drop a line to say thank you for visiting my blog and for your kind words. I'm so sorry for the loss of your beautiful Joel. I appreciate your words here, the promises from God that you share as you search for comfort and hope in the midst of your grief. He will continue to comfort you and I both in the days and years to come.