Tuesday, January 27, 2009

"Ice" Cold!!!!!

We are "iced in," the guys can not work so they are here......what else to do????? but sled on the ice!!!! We are happy the electricity is still working and on! Stay warm!!!!


Emma and Mommy said...

I wondered how you guys faired last night. Down here in Norman, we have so much sleet it covers the ground like snow. I am guessing about an inch and then a pretty thick glaze of ice on the trees and powerlines. I haven't been brave enough to get out in it yet, I am not doing cold very well the last few days with my legs aching.

Looks like the kids were having a blast. I am glad they are able to get out and enjoy it. We might try some of that this afternoon.

John-Clay said...

Looks like fun!

Mountain Mama said...

Oh what great times! Memories forever. Glad you have electricity and more importantly ~ heat!