Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Our life is a vapor...... incorruptible....... immortality....... a flower fades and the grass withers....... eternity.......all these words mean so much more now, things we can not see as yet, I think about these very words so much, more now than then. Joel has became an express image of these words to my heart. I had read these words before, I thought I kinda new what they meant, but now they are so real, its like I was on the other side then and now I feel like I have walked through some sort of veil or had something removed, yea that's probably it, something has been removed, something so very precious and this is just my thinking, unless you have had to give something that is so precious, a treasure back, you can not comprehend all that these words hold that I listed. Before, when our lives were just "normal" all I had ever "experienced" was what I could see and touch and feel, like Joel, now I think upon that which I can not see, feel or touch and that is Joel and that's where these words come in......they are so real now, because I am pondering so much of the time, of the place I can not see yet, the little boy that I will touch is so short is what it boils down to and then its over and these words will be us, we will take on immortality and incorruptibility will be ours through Christ. Maybe because Joels' heaven day is getting closer that thoughts are so near the gates of eternity but I like to think there and wonder about what the eye has not seen nor the ear heard but is being prepared for those that love Him. I guess I have to say, yes there is good thoughts that I have from all this trial, to think about these good thoughts is far more peaceful than when the enemy asails my heart and blow by blow tries to make me look at the bad of it all. I was blessed as I read many of these words this morning and looking forward when one day my faith will become sight, when the glass will be removed and it will be face to face with Jesus and with my Joel, but for now with his grace I will seek to trust, be blessed with my family here. Maybe we just do not know all there is to gain if we do not know a loss.......

At least the weather can appear to put spring thoughts for a few days in our minds, suppose to be really nice tomorrow. The van is in the shop again, that thing must be on its last leg or wheel!! Hope to get it back today. I have a few more things to get tomorrow for Hosanna's BD. We still have some bad coughs and struggling with the remaining sickness. The guys are working way up high on the house, prayer for safety is being requested!! Terry planted some spinach on Saturday. Last night David and Kate came over and boy, you can not have a boring evening when they are here. David was born in Guam so we covered all that, then went on to farming, baby diapers(they said they are going to use cloth.......they will get an award from me) we covered info about economics, fences, pens, insurance, school, and shark stories, they are sponges for info and I really appreciate that about a newlywed couple, getting info and resources from others. Terry and I sure did not have anyone to gather all the info we talked about last night. They are great neighbors and we look forward to warm weather and volley ball.......yeah!!!!

Hey, if anybody has any ideas of what I can write about, let me know, I just feel blank, maybe after this week, my thoughts will flow better.

In His mercy, may He grant generations of faith until the apperaing of Jesus Christ

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