Monday, March 21, 2011

andrew is 15 today!!!

Andrew is 15 today!!!!!

Happy Birthday!!!!!

Andrew is our fisherman!
he can out fish
most anyone in our

Andrew is a hard worker,
and he is our
quietest child.
he is alot like me, in
that he likes things to
be clean!
he is an organizer,
and is always looking for ways
to earn some cash.
He is always willing to
"rescue" his mom with
assistance! :)
Andrew invited Jesus into his
heart several years
ago and is growing in the
His name means "manly,"
that he is!
......and all that "cash" he is trying to earn,
well, he's following in his
big brothers steps......
and is saving for a
dirt bike!

I love you Andrew!!!

P.S. Mercy's bd pics coming soon!!!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

HaPpY 15th BiRtHdAy Andrew!
Ya'll certainly named him well; it describes him perfectly!!!

Mountain Mama said...

Happy Birthday Andrew!
Have a fun day celebrating and a blessed year.

The Z crew