Tuesday, March 8, 2011

so funny, havta tell ya bout it!!!!!!

With this job in Texas, all the guys that Terry took down to the job had to have a "background" check! They did that yesterday. This morning they found out 5 of the 7 guys did not pass it!! Three of them, my sons!!! Two of them great friends!!! I guess not much info in the system about them!! I guess like someone said,"maybe you can be too clean!?!" haha!!! But as Terry said, when its tax time, they are in the system!!! I got the biggest laugh outta these pictures!! Made my day!!

they look SOOOOOO dangerous dont they?????

at the ss office in Texas...
they "look" so illegal dont they????

Elijah, Caleb B ( 2nd row) Sid, Daniel and
Caleb Morris

I am still laughing!!!!!!!!!

Terry and the two guys that did pass.....ummmm

surely I could make some money
off this picture, a classic for sure!!!!!!

P.S. Bethany and I did the clean out and haul off stuff at the Ada rent house. Let me put it this way, wasnt much salvagable, and wow, guys cant live with out mothers, sisters, and a wife!!! It was verrrrrry interesting to say the least and thats being nice!! So I can check that off on my "to do"list for the week!!! Back home, unloaded truck, cowboy movie, coffee, anna has dinner going and I need a nap!!!


Teena said...

that is so funny! love the pics too!


Mountain Mama said...

Sounds like you have raised a bunch of troublemakers. :-)

Paige said...

LOL poor boys!Pics are funny!

Gottjoy! said...

Funny! Hope you got rested up!

Thought about you this weekend...Tom Harmon is at our church speaking until Wednesday. I could listen to him all the time=).

Have a great week, Cindy!!!