Friday, March 18, 2011

an observation!

just two sweet little girls!!!
Hosanna (9) Mercy (5 on Sat.)

I don't know your experience with parenting but I have a few thoughts of my own. I guess they are more observations. To be honest I have read very few parenting books, not that I have anything against them, but I have found that you have to do what works for your family and your measure should always be God's word. A perfect scripture for parents is that one that tells us not to compare ourselves with others, it proves us unwise!! Now, on to original post of observations! I have observed that the lowest maintenance ages of parenting my children is ages 3 years to age 15! At age 3, they can communicate well, of course are still needy, yet they are beginning to be able to dress, do some things themselves, and I think 3 year olds have such cute personalities. The years that precede, continue to be low maintenance, they are still "at home," kinda still under your wing, you are making, guiding, molding most of their decisions, they basically do as they are told, they depend on you for daily needs, such as food and clothing, they interact and play with siblings so they are not continually "hands on material!" :) They for the most part of content to be at home, playing. Your prayers for say ages 3-15, are certainly important, needful on their behalf but to me they are not "high maintenance prayers." As they get closer to the double digits, they are getting strengths that one can use to "help," they are still all in the nest so to speak, they still don't have big "life decisions," they still are operating on the parents times and schedules, and at this age even if they do have activities, the whole family tends to participate together. So to get to my point, ages earlier than age 3, are so precious but as we know, definitely lotsa work. I love the baby years, holding, cuddling, nursing, caring for all their desperate needs. Now about age 16, things began to happen, and from our own family, it really has been all good, I feel so blessed to have young men and young women and now adult women and men who by His grace are seeking the Lord and fear Him. But I have to say, I think "maintenance" begins to dip the scales again. They began to "do" bigger things!!! Like dangerous things. Jumping outta airplanes, hunting, racing dirtbikes, firefighting, working/walking on 20 foot scaffolding, walking like monkeys on rafters, driving. Praying for protection is like a major prayer around here!! :) They are gathering truths, principles they have been taught and are now able to conclude how they want to lead their own lives, their families. Seeking out future opportunities, meeting people, planning, going and participating on a daily basis events that are availabe. They have adult emotions, feelings, desires, prayers, dreams that only ONE can fulfill. They have "life" decisions before them!!! In our home at age 20, they are bonifide adults who have freedom to go and do as they desire, (according to God's word.) So, this list/paragraph is not exhausted but I read a scripture that made me think of how the age say 16 until they get married is "much maintenance!" Colossians 4:12, Epaphras, who is one of you and a servant of Christ Jesus, sends greetings. He is always wrestling in prayer for you, that you may stand firm in all the will of God, mature and be fully assured. Sometimes, its hard not to be afraid for them. As parents we have walked through much in our lives and we just dont want our children to know/experience some of the pains, hurts we have known, but that is impossible, nevertheless, its the love of a parent for a child to want to protect them. When I read that verse, it was as if, "so true", the wrestling in prayer for them, for the decisions that are before them, that will be before them and so desiring that they receive nothing less than God's best which would be His will!! Of course I long for them to "stand firm" in the revealed will of God, which is the Words of scripture. Carrying out the black and white that they read each morning. But there is the will of God, that as they seek Him, he shows them and that is the part that my prayer of wresting falls into, what lies ahead that we do not know yet. The maintenance or actually prayers seems so heavy, or alot of work sometimes. So I guess it kinda looks likes this to me if it were on a time line, the beginning is alot of work, the middle is a break kinda and then, one/me has to pick it back up with the work/wresting of prayer desiring that they find God's will, being mature and fully assured its the right path, His path!! But ya know, at any stage its all worth it, its a blessing, its a reward because our children are God's gifts to us! So like I said, this is just my own personal observation! I am not gray headed yet, but after all the wrestling in prayers for my children, one day I will wear it proudly, (maybe undercover, haven't decided if I will ever color it) ahahaha!!!!

The guys will Lord willin be home tonight!!! Mercy's BIG day is tomorrow!! She was 17 hours of labor, I should be having a party!!! haha!!! Just a happy weekend ahead of work and play, Lord willing!!

I love all you peoples!!!

P.S. Guess what I just got????????????? FLOWERS!!! from my wonderful husband!! WHY?? because its Spring!! (and he loves me!!)

Have a great weekend!!!!

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Mountain Mama said...

Great perspective! I have to agree.

We have just started the 16 and older ages but I can totally see the direction you speak of. Let the prayers begin and move over for the gray hair!!