Tuesday, March 15, 2011

a royal experience!!!

* someone suggested this site for info on royal icing and after checking it out, I think she knows her stuff!!!!

When grandparents call to check and see if your still "alive," because you have not written a blog post, then its time to write a blog post!!!

I had a "royal" experience today!!! You can too!!!! That is if you have a "billion hours!!" I always seem to get myself into consuming opportunities!!! Mercy is having a "Hippity Hop" birthday on Saturday. She will be five years old!! So as usual I have all these ideas for her party. One being, making my traditional sugar cookies. This time I wanted to try something different, and that is where my "royal" experience comes in!!! I have seen sugar cookies decorated with the royal icing and they look incredible!! So, I thought I would try it out! First I found the recipe and tips to do it here. Then I had to gather a few materials that I did not have in my cake decorating box, the meringue powder, and the plastic bottles. I baked the cookies, cooled them and then the "long"fun began!! I only had 18 cookies to do, and I have not totally finished them yet, because you have to let them dry before you layer other colors of icing on, but oh my, I think I might make a vow not to do this again. I guess I wont make a vow, maybe a half a vow!! So if you have a "zillion hours," by all means make these cookies for your childs birthday. I am sure he/she will remember you spent a zillion hours making them after they take the first bite, which I hope they even taste good! So here are some pics (below) of how it went. You'll have to check back after Saturday to see the finished bunny cookie WITH ROYAL ICING!!!! hahaha!!!!

Anna is fixing dinner tonight!! So relieved, because I don't feel like cooking after my "royal" experience of a billion hours!! :) She is making King Ranch Chicken!

Bethany is really into technology!! She has always liked buttons, electronic things and she is very good with computer stuff. So for her 2011 kidding season, she has invested in a security camera for the barn/stalls. It is "live" feed right into our house on our flat screen. So we get to "watch" goats all day on TV!!! hahah!! She purchased it so she would not have to be at the barn all the time. Now she can just watch and wait from the house and monitor the labor until the its very close for the does to kid. Farmers have it easy these days!!! :)

The Texas job is going fairly smooth. There are some kinks they are having to work through, getting supplies there, communication ect. Terry and Elijah are working here in OKC and will go back and forth as needed.

Had a happy weekend with everyone being home. Cooked some burgers, Terry worked in the garden much of the day. Josiah, Josh, Jeremiah and I made a cowboy boot run and got some new boots for these fellows.

Dinner is almost ready. Terry and Elijah are almost here. Some are doing bowling, lazer tag with our church tonight,so guess it'll be Terry and I and the littles!!

Have a great evening!!

you outline the cookies first

handy bottle, a must!!

after outlining, you then "flood" the cookies using the handy
bottle filled with royal icing, then you use a
toothpick to spread the icing to the

you have to let the cookies
dry for many hours before
you layer with other colors


Mountain Mama said...

Oh WOW! Those cookies look incredibly YUMMY!

I like the barn camera idea. Very nice.

The Zookeeper said...

I didn't look at your link but bakeat350.blogpsot.com is all about cookies and royal icing and how to sand them also. we love it. lots of fun!