Thursday, March 3, 2011

still alive!!!!

front of Daniel's house, one day
a big long covered porch
all teh way across the front!




Mercy visiting her brothers house, she can not wait to
sleep in the upstairs!

Daniel's major roof!!

back view of Caleb's

back side of Caleb's


Caleb's...... a side view, the large open space there will be french doors
off the dinning/kitchen

front of Caleb's house, the front entrance is where the two tall
boards are, (bracing) and also there will 'be a turret
going up there! major!!

I am still alive!!! I am still alive!!!! Whats been happening around here???? "LIFE!!" Plus sometimes my brain just freezes up as what to say. :/ Hard to believe, huh??? I am shy!! hahah!!

Anna had her oral surgery yesterday! It went very well and she is actually back to normal today and even baking the guys some cookies!! She will get "brownie points" for that. Wonder what she wants from them!!

The guys have had a deserved several days off and they have been working on their houses!! Ada is OVER!!!!! yippee!!! jump up and down!!! It was a great provision, ready for more adventure now in Texas!! Terry and one of the guys have to go down there tomorrow for a meeting and then come Monday, off they go to the big state of Texas!! Hope they can handle it!! Their houses look great, if I may so! I have not been out there in awhile and I was totally impressed and grateful and happy for them!! Once they get the walls built up, next step is pouring the concrete in the walls! Good job guys!!

I read a verse this morning and as always when it makes me think of Joel, I have to share it. But its really a verse or two for all of life. Like a "from here on out" verse. Gen 41:29-31, Behold, there come seven years of great plenty throughout all the land of Egypt. And there shall arise after them seven years of famine; and all the plenty shall forgotten in the land of Egypt; and the famine shall consume the land; and the plenty shall not be known in the land by reason of that famine following; for it shall be very grievous.

I am learning that there are seasons in life. As the scripture says,"a time for everything!" There are seasons of plenty and seasons of famine. Before Joel's illness, I would have to say, plenty far outweighed the famines that our family has experienced. I am thankful that famines don't necessarily last 7 years. But the one thing that I want to do, is be a good steward even when a famine comes. One thing that will serve as "grace" to our hearts, our minds is to NOT forget the land of plenty. Of Who, what God has done in our past and resting that since he is the Same Yesterday and Forever, He will see us through the "famines." Famines can consume folks, it can cause bitterness, questioning God, even forsaking him because we feel we did not get dealt with fairly. Your right, God is not fair, he is Just. That means all his actions, Providences, workings are all right even though we can not comprehend. I think one way God is glorified in a famine is to be able to do something else the verse mentions and that is not forget the plenty, like the verse says "and the plenty shall not be known." We often are quick to tell and testify of all the bad things, or the things God has dealt us that we do not like, but how He wants to make "known" and tell of all the "plenty of the past and present" He is doing in and about our lives. So remembering personally the plenty, his faithfulness and then making known the plenty to others. Famines will come! But remember the plenty to get you through it!

Anna's about got them cookies made......happy guys! The littles are begging!!

I gotta go figure out what to cook for a bunch of hungry guys tonight!


Anonymous said...

looks like the houses are coming right along! :)

I'm so glad Corrie's surgery went well. I was praying for her!!

Can't wait to see ya'll in a couple weeks!!!

Teena said...

Been wondering where you have been! I love the pics of the houses. I saw them on fb. wow. Wonderful, beautiful....

I miss seeing you here more but I do understand about the seasons of life... seems things never stay the same.

I am still praying. We still talk about Joel here...

much love,

Shanna said...

Where in Texas? We are just outside of Dallas.