Monday, March 21, 2011

mercy's bd pictures!!!!

Finally Anna is home so here are the pictures , so here ya go!!!!! It was a fun party!! Mercy really liked the "Hippity Hop" theme!! I think I kinda cheated with all the stuff right at hand because it is the "season," so it was a very easy party to do!!

**** I purchased all the Hippity Hop printable's for the cupcakes, ect, here

Mercy's 5th Birthday!
Hippity Hop Party

those bunnies top right are choc
suckers I just got at the store
but really added fun to the table!!

here are the "royal" icing cookies
(make them at your own risk of time ha)

once again, I got the cupcake toppers cute!

grab one!!

these were fun to make and easy
but I spent way to much for
"orange" jelly beans!!!

I found these plates and napkins at Hobby Lobby, they were soooo perfect!!!

sugar cookies that took so loooonnnngggg to make!
was it worth it???? oh sure, can't party without
bunny cookies!! :)

way toooo much sweets!!!

and of course the party girl!!!

fun "buuny bubbles" for the party goers!!

found the stuffed bunny and that is where I picked
up on the color theme, and cute girlie baskets
filled girl need!!

choc, easy.....unwrap from box, tie ribbons on!!!
I love the little round
pudgy bowels for the
m&m's and mini candy bars!!!

see the blue bunny
"peeps?" I love the
little green bunny dish they are on.
and white donuts just seemed to fit in too!!

dipped Oreo cookies and I found these perfect sprinkles

oh, the "royal" icing cookies showing up again.....why not
they took zillions of hours to make!!! jkjkjk!!

the famous party people!!! where in the world is ......
Lucas and Sid????

Lucas got Mercy her request!!!! turkeys!!!!

and.....Mercy got a new puppy..... Charlie
he is a Corgi!!!

Charlie and new friends!!

all her jewelry being worn!!!

best friends already!!
"hey dont squeeze me to hard!!"

isnt he soooooooo cute!!!????

and the turkeys!! and their names are.........
Arise, Kill and Eat!!

uh, oh, maybe not!!!


twins said...

You are the coolest mom E.V.E.R!!!

I wish I was part of your family. <3

Simply Creative Insanity said...

Nice job! I am so glad the printables worked out great! It was so much fun to create! Love those cookies! Wish I was so daring!
Simply Creative Printables

Jessica said...

Fabulous, as usual! What fun to be the party girl!

Your house looks like a bakery and/or candy shop!

How fun to have her very own puppy. Charlie is adorable.

Lesli Westfall said...

You are amazing! You out-do yourself and throw the neatest parties! It brought tears to my eyes to see Mercy and her new pup! Priceless. Hope you are doing well!


maggie mae said...

Mrs. Cindy,
You are extremely talented. I have never seen anyone with so many ideas for birthday parties. I am so jealous!!!Mercy is beautiful! Happy Birthday, Mercy!!

Teena said...

I love the pictures of all the great things you make for their birthdays! YOU inspire me. Wow.

I love her little puppy... love his feet...

can't believe the names of the turkeys! We laughed.

We will soon get some chicks.

Our Dakota graduates on the 16th of April and I think it is putting a kink in all our spring things... like flowers and chicks.... and garden.... our hs group made it earlier this year .. so I am trying to get it all done!


Marjo B said...


Paige said...

Okay since nobody else answered your ? lol I will! Lucas is 2nd on the left in the picture and, Sid is 5th on the right.Cute party wish my imagination ran that wild and created such beautiful