Monday, March 28, 2011

happy promises !

Mercy has finally begun to sleep in her own bed consistently, but there are rare times when she has "scary dreams" and she will get outta her bed and come to our bed. She will snuggle up against me, often ask me to pray for her and then she likes me to tell her what to think about to get her mind off the "scary dream." She likes for me to talk about "flowers, balloons, clouds, and birthdays. All those things are related to "happy things." As I describe and we talk about those things, it gets her mind to not fear and and its kind of like little "promises," its like "happy things " or maybe even "happy promises!!" I am like Mercy. We go along just fine and then just outta the blue a "scary dream" happens or comes about. Mine are not really scary dreams but are moments that come blowing in where I miss Joel, I re-visit visions of when he was here and his illness, I ask God "why," and I find myself wondering about the whole ordeal. My faith fails, it is little, it is only beholding the "seen" instead of the unseen. I need "happy promises." I can not even begin to tell you all the scriptures that the Lord has given me in these 4 years. It really amazes me to look back and see them. And really just one scripture should be sufficient for us ole' humans if we really believe and trust and know Who God really is and what His character is really like, or as much as possible as us humans can know of Him. But most times we as humans, need more than just one scripture. We/I need more "happy promises" like Mercy. It is so wonderful of the Lord to be so merciful and for him to really know and feel our infirmities, for him not to forsake us even after "years" have gone by and our hearts still have needs. I read a scripture in Job and it was one of those "happy promises" that I could add to my list of comfort verses that the Lord has given and one to meditate upon and bring my thoughts to when I get sad about Joel. Job 37:16, Do you know how the clouds hang poised, those wonders of him who is perfect in knowledge. The scripture says God is perfect in knowledge, so that means to me that Gods ways, his works his doings, his plans for our lives all come from One that has perfect knowledge, which tells me that all is right in those Providences, occurrences, trials that come forth. To meditate upon this is like what Mercy does, she wants "happy thoughts of happy things. I like that idea from one who is only 5 years old. Make me like a child, Lord!

We got a dreary, cold week ahead of us! we had to get the fire going again! I had it all cleaned up, only to get it going again. The guys headed back to Texas, Terry and Elijah too this time. Hoping to get them a little bit ahead this week.

A busy week with every day things. Ortho appointments, new puppy appointment a the vet, the girls are ironing again(like they did in the fall) Bethany is preparing for a goat show this coming weekend. Also Joshua's bd is April 2nd, he is having a "drawing party." It is going to be fairly low key but I have some things to prepare for that and Bethany is getting old and new customers for goat milk sells. She is excited about the potential sells and provision each week for the farm.

Not much progress on the kitchen as of lately. The cabinet guy is expected to have the 3rd phase done in 2 weeks, so I am super happy about that!

Hope you all have a great week!! Stay warm!!

We have some beautiful tulips around Joel's tree. Anna does a good job getting pics of "happy promises" for me!!


Teena said...

When my situation over takes me ... it is His promises that get me through. Thank you for sharing....

love the pics....

much love,

sarahdodson said...

What a great verse in Job. God's Word is so full of truths that bless and help us in life. Praise Him for His faithfulness!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cindy:) I love the scripture you posted. I love the words "perfect knowledge". It reminds me how infinite God is and how small I am. He has bestowed on us only just a fraction of his "perfect knowledge" and I am humbled to think how often I approach Our Lord with the attitude that I, myself, have "perfect knowledge". That my ways are better and he couldn't really understand my condition when, all along, it was his "perfect knowledge" that placed me where I am. It is HE who "hangs the clouds poised". I love that. I never thought of "poised clouds" but what life there is in those words!
Thank you for sharing this scripture and sweet story of "Mercy" (wink). I am always blessed by your posts. You speak much wisdom through your blog and I am blessed to have you for a friend:)


Marie said...

*sigh* The beautiful flowers! And we are still covered in snow and expecting flooding when it does melt. Those flowers won't show up in Minnesota until sometime in May. But thanks for posting the pictures - gave me hope for spring. It has been a terribly long and cold winter.

Hugs from Minnesnowta