Saturday, August 22, 2009

saturday scoop!

You still have some more time to get your ideas in for "name that chicken!" (see post below) We'll announce the winner this evening at 6pm central time.

Yesterday the guys had a small job in town and the Lord has really provided some work in the days ahead. I know many of you have prayed for us on this end and thank you! Later Elijah and Dave and I think Micah, Andrew and Daniel went to pick up a John Deere tractor that Dave bought and has plans to possibly re-build the engine in it. Elijah finally convinced Dave to "go green!!" Kate hung around with us and we had dinner, played VB and then sat around outside and tried to figure out "life!"

This morning,Terry Hosie and Josiah went to Farmers Market, Dave and most all the big guys went to a farm auction and Kate is here and we are getting some chores done, thinking about left overs for lunch and fixing dinner for tonight and possibly a rodeo, we'll see!! Tomorrow we have to travel for home church and after church we are trying to get with a family for our children and their children to practice as they are all going to play at this families church in Sept. on a Sunday evening, so all that to say, tomorrow will be a loooonnngggg day!!!

So stay tuned for the winner this evening..........

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