Friday, August 14, 2009

the "olden days"

Don't forget we just have the 6 younger ones here and last night we were eating dinner and somehow Terry started talking about "in the olden days" when we had this station wagon and it had like 270,000 miles on it and he was telling the children how it caught fire one morning driving it to work and he was giving all the details of that morning and Jeremiah (9), who is our big thinker, with a big eyes, questioned Terry about "the olden days," with "I didn't know you lived in the "ole days!" He also wanted to know more about the "wagon" we had. You see when they think of the "olden days," they think of cowboy and Indians, they pretend they play in the "olden days" when they play toys and such, so in his mind he was thinking we had a wagon and we lived in the "olden days!!!" Oh, my......I told him we were not that old!!!! We went on to explain that it was a car that was called a "station wagon," and the last seat was turned backwards and Caleb and Daniel use to ride back there and then I got a picture out and showed them. The other funny thing about that car was it was a major provision because when Elijah was born we had no more room in the vehicle we had and we were desperate for another car, so God provided the money to buy the car, at that time it had over 100,000 miles and we went on to add about another 170,000 to it!!!! Interesting that I read a scripture this morning about the "old days." We have heard with our ears, O God, our fathers have told us, what work thou didst in their days, in the times of old. Ps. 44:1 That brought alot of reflections to my mind. Like today I have only two loads of laundry, like the old days. Last night I fixed 9 hamburgers instead of 16-18. Yesterday I went grocery shopping and thankfully I had more than a $100 to purchase groceries, all the stuff at Wal Mart with, like I had in the "old days." Last night Dave and Kate came over and we made cookies and baked and baked and baked them, alot of dough!!!! And then Dave played Legos with the little children and the conversations were like the" old days." Since the older children were not here, we did not talk much about land and futures it was talk of toys and fun!! The "olden days" have a bitter/sweet reminder. In some ways I do not want to go back to the "olden days" because that would mean I would not get to be enjoying the blessing of 13 children and then in another way I want to run to the "olden days" the days when Joel was here. I want those "olden days." But I guess after reading that verse and knowing I can not go back to the part of the "olden days" that I really want to, this verse calls me to "remember the work" of olden days and know that He is Faithful. He was faithful to provide for our family when times were really difficult, he was faithful to give grace in being new parents as we established our home on principles and truths that others did not understand, he was so faithful to protect us in health, accidents, and births and then He was faithful to carry us through the greatest trial of our lives with Joel. I just need to remember and not wish to go back but move forward with hopeful expectation of his faithfulness for us in the future.

Lets see..... today, I have a few more things to do in town, I think tonight we are going to have wiener roast outside, and thats about it as far as as plans, we'll "wing" anything else and do what we want to do!!! Terry is here to take care of the fort while I'm out of the office! He's pretty good at that:)

The older children made it to Illinois with safety, thankful for that and thank you if you prayed!! They will travel back on Sunday, so another few prayers to bring em' in safely if you think about it! It will seem unusual to have church here at our house with the other families and our children not be here!

Wow....two posts in two days......


Teena said...

Thank you for your comment on my blog. I wish we could meet too. Maybe one day. Our lives are different ... on the outside (appearances) but I believe our mama heart is likeminded and the love we have for Jesus is the same. That connects doesn't it?

I loved your talk of *olden days* I can remember when Michael was young (around 12) and we drove an old tank of a car (can't even remember what kind) and sometimes it would start and we would have to turn the *flywheel* with a screwdriver!!! I long for some of that too.... simple...

tonight I will have just the littles here... my dh is in Maine visiting relatives, Mandi is at college... and Dakota will go watch some friends play football. Isn't it funny how *strange* it is when they are not ALL here. Life continues to change.

You continue to share about JOEL. I love hearing the stories and reading about Siah... and how you remember. I am thankful for my precious memories of my Dad. Its been two years and I still miss him so. I can't imagine losing a child... my heart still hurts for you. HUGS~ praying as you come to mind.

As for the olders and not many options... I am right there with you. I am extremely excited for Mandi. When we went they said that so many come there and leave engaged or married. Lots of the male students come there for ministry and look for a good godly wife. Well, Mandi never wanted college, doesn't believe in a career, wants to be a Stay at home, home schooling... letting God decide how many children... etc. I am praying that God will show her exactly what He has for her.

In our rural area we do not have very many likeminded ... we are only a handful of hs-ers in our church. The road is tough at times but God is faithful.

Michael (my oldest)met Amber at college... he never dated. She is the only woman he has kissed... his only girlfriend. His lifemate. God is good... bigger than we can ever imagine.

THIS is way too long! Sorry/blush.


Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Hi Cindy- I can imagine it would be tempting to want to be back in the "old days" with Joel..... Honestly I am so sorry for your pain you have to deal with. As I read your blog it burdens my heart for you when you share of Joel. It has touched my heart more than you will know. I will keep praying for will always have me weeping for you....

As for the 6 littles at home...... how fun. I bet that brings you back in time..... It is funny cause I can not envision us in the future with oodles of children and many grow. I long for it though. Enjoy playing with them.

Bless you and I love you in the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

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