Monday, August 24, 2009

no big news, just hum drum!!!

Finally a few pictures, I do not like posts w/o pictures but somehow we have not had the camera going. The guys were here this morning so I went to town on the search for birthday things for C&D's 22nd BD on Wednesday. Also getting some ingredients for their desserts. I guess you've figured it out, we do not do many BD cakes, everyone seems to have favorite desserts verses BD cakes! They do have work the rest of the week and we are sure glad about that!! A busy week a head. Tomorrow Anna and I need to do some work in the kitchen regarding their BD. On Wed. morn I guess we'll do the traditional doughnuts and then that evening we'll do the party. I have not told them their theme yet, its kind of a funny theme and probably no one would ever use this one as far as you getting ideas from it!! I have you wondering don't I????? On Thursday, I need to do grocery menu and I really need to sit and get some school plans underway. Friday, I need to grocery shop and then on Saturday,Lord willing if all works out, we are suppose to travel to a family BD party!!!

Oh, thanks for playing the game last week. Mr. Keith contacted us and we have his "prize box" in hand ready to get it in the mail tomorrow. It was funny because several years ago we heard a fellow named Keith Daniels (same as the winner) this guy was an evangelist/preacher and we thought surely its not the same one we have heard teach before. I am asuming its not. :)

Well, we are getting the "grub" ready for dinner. A major "guy" meal!! Meat, mashed potatoes, fried garden okra and homemade rolls AND if you can believe this, Micah and Bethany made dessert.

Caleb and Daniel are working hard on their music cd. Alot of work, time, talent, prayer and Lord willing a blessing for those who invest in one in the future.

Bethany is trying to figure out her breeding season and when to get started as we are thinking about the film festival in Feb. we would like to attend, all Lord willing of course!!!!

I guess I got you up to date......

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Keith said...

You are correct I am not the preacher you heard years ago.