Monday, August 31, 2009

happy 15, Micah (a day late)

August 30, 1994, I got to experience my first home birth!! I had no idea the "pain" that lay ahead of me :) I was standing in the shower laboring and then "he was," Micah Todd Morris, bred and born on the farm!! He came sooo fast!! 15 years ago yesterday! And what a handsome little fellow, olive skin, dark hair, big brown eyes! Really he has been one of our most beautiful babies. Micah
frontiered our home birth journey's and I am so thankful the Lord gave us grace, and healthy pregnancies to continue to have this opportunity at home.

What a blessing Micah is! He ceratinly comes behind Elijah in liking to "do" things, and create things! He is a hard worker and he is the man of the hour as the guys are at work. He loves to play VB, and his major drive is hunting. He has several deer cameras and a food plot that he manages hoping to bring in a big buck and feed his meat lovin' family! Micah has a sense of humor that sends us all to hurting bellies because we laugh so hard! Micah, may the Lord grow you in grace and knowledge of the Father and may you set your goals and endeavors on the Lord and be blessed by acknowledging Him in all you do!!

We made our quick trip to Houston for Terry's brother's 50th BD on Sat. morning, and came home yesterday, Sunday, but it was late getting back. We were all about ready to have an "in the van tooo long fit!!" Today we are getting laundry done and Terry's sister dropped by with cousin Hannah and Garrett as they headed back to Kansas from the party and decided to stay a few days, so we are going to be "playing!" We are going to do Micah's party Tuesday night, I just could not get it together tonight and plus its not going to be anything major, sorry Micah!

Here is Terry's mom and dad with all their children, Todd, Terry and Tami and each of their spouses and children. Todd, is the one on the back row in the red shirt.
(you can click on the pic. to enlarge it if you like:)

Terry and the guys have several jobs ahead and we are very thankful for the provision. The fall garden is doing really well! We have squash plants that are 3 and 4 feet wide, the tomatoes from our spring planting are over 6 feet tall!! This is really our first fall garden that has been successful but the weather has been some what cooler helping that out.

Oh....thanks Dave and Kate for taking care of our farm and all the animals while we were gone and the cookies that were sitting on the counter when we arrived...... they were devoured by the "in the van too long people!!!"


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Micah! It's really funny, 'cuz it used to be that I was taller than the majority of the teenage boys I knew from church who were my age (and they weren't very happy about that fact), and then when they all hit about the ages of 14 or 15, I was the short one! They all had growth spurts and they all tower over me now! Most of 'em are getting close to being six feet tall! :) I haven't been 15 for very long, but it's a fun age! Have a great year!

Teena said...

Happy Birthday, Micah! Isn't it amazing how fast they grow into men. our Dakota has changed so much these past three years.

I loved reading and seeing the pic. How blessed Terry's parents are.... HUGS...

thinking of you.... praying

Katie said...

Happy Birthday Micah!!

Lynn said...

Cindy, Terry, sweet nieces and nephews...thank you all for being here this weekend for Todd's party. It just wouldn't have been the same without you. Hope you've all recovered from "in the van too long" syndrome. :)
Love you all, Lynn

John-Clay said...

Happy Birthday Micah! Blessings :)

Hannah B. said...

Happy birthday Micah!!! I can hardly believe you're 15. :-0

Cousin Hannah looks SOOO much like a Morris in that picture!! :)

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