Monday, August 17, 2009

they are home...yea!!!!

The older children arrived safely home Sunday evening, thank you if you said a prayer for them!! Lots of laundry....yea, that means they are all here!!! We cooked a "welcome home man meal" tonight, fried chicken, mashed tators, green beans and homemade rolls!! Dave and Kate came over and we played VB and now we are giving them the scoop of the trip and catching up! Oh, Bethany has posted pictures of their trip....check it out on her blog !! (link on the side)

Here's a fun fact......on today Aug. 17th almost 22 years ago was the due date of Caleb and Daniel. They ended up being 9 days late. I was one miserable mom full of babies!! We had prepared for them to arrive 6 weeks early so to have them arrive 9 days after their due date was unusual and surprising to us.

The guys went to work a job today....yea!! It is a job they started several weeks ago but were waiting on the homeowner and bank issues. It looks like its about a week and maybe a few days. Thankful they are back to work!

Thought I would pop in.......... talk to ya soon!!

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