Wednesday, August 26, 2009

caleb and daniel are 22 today !!

Nine months and 18 days after we were married two little boys were born, our first TWO (6:09 am and 6:11 am) and filled our hearts with unspeakable joy........alot of work, not much sleep, and tons of fun!! I am so proud of them!!!! I can say that, I am their mom!! The scriptures say "let another man praise thee and not thine own mouth," and thats what I am going to do below, remember I am their mom, so I can :)

Happy 22nd Birthday !!!! Caleb and Daniel

they are my first and second born sons
they are saved and under the blood of Christ
they are seeking daily to follow the Lord
they have a fear of the Lord and recognize that
His eye is upon them
they are best friends
they are musicians
they are composers
they are making a music CD
they are hard workers
they know how to build a house, barns, do concrete work
they are thin and tall yet so strong
they know how to wash dishes, been doing it Oh, so long!!!
they are handsome, (I can say that!!)
they do things with their younger siblings
they are the middle namesakes for their little twin brothers,
Joel Caleb
and Josiah Daniel
they adore their baby sister, Mercy
they are neat and orderly
they are godly examples to their siblings
they enjoy being with their family
they love "anna's desserts!
they like the country
they enjoy their sisters
they like to play sports....VB :)
they stay up late :(
they have more money saved up for land than Terry and I have had in our marriage life :)
they are saving their "first kiss" for their beloved bride! :P

......and because I know them and I have heard them over and over again
say this phrase, they would quickly reply to all the
above with a
"praise the Lord!!"

I love you!!!
P.S. you ought to "wish them a happy BD!" Other inside news......Bethany is at farmers market with a boat load, (expression...alot!!!) of squash. Dave and Kate are coming to the party this evening, so likely BD pics will go up in the morning!!!


The Ahlgren Family said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! :D Ya'll are a huge blessing to us and are phenomenally adventurous!
Oh and, Kate says thin and tall is the BEST! ;)

Corrie :) said...

Happy Birthday Cib and Doug! :) Thanks for being such *GREAT* big brothers!! :D
Love ya'll!

J.Morris said...

We are so thankful and proud of our oldest grandsons.Which side of family did they get the good looks?
Happy BD Caleb and Daniel!!!!!!
Nana and Pop in TEXAS.

Danielle said...

Happy Birthday Caleb and Daniel! Hope you have a wonderful birthday!

-stephanie- said...

Man, it just seemed a short time ago that you were wishing them a happy 21st birthday. Crazy how time flies.

Happy Birthday Caleb and Daniel. Sounds like you make your mama proud. Have a great year. God bless both of you.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday, Caleb and Dan!!! I hope you have a blessed day filled with fun and adventure!! It's been great getting to know you and your family!

Janet said...

Happy, happy birthday to Caleb and Daniel - sending warmest wishes and big hugs from South Africa on their special day!

The Forsters said...

Happy Birthday Caleb and Daniel! Sorry we're late. :-) I hope your day was great - I'm sure it was with you whole family being such great people and the parties your mom throws! May you both have a blessed 23rd year of life and continue to grow in the knowledge and fear of HIM.

Becky said...

Happy Birthday Caleb and Daniel.
I have twin brothers who are 13, and one of them is Daniel Josiah. I just thought that was funny.