Thursday, August 13, 2009

a trip......

Hard to believe I am actually writing this early, but I got up around 3:15 am because the oldest 6, Caleb, Daniel, Bethany, Elijah, Anna and Micah headed to Illinois to visit Danielle (remember Bethany's friend) and her family!! Just a fun little trip for them. Funny thing is, Terry and I here with the 6 younger ones, like the olden days! I told the ones here we could match up who they could be like it was back then, Andrew can be Caleb, Josh can be Daniel, Jeremiah can be Elijah, Hosie can be Bethany, Mercy can be Anna and Siah can be Micah! Thing is, I am not use to doing all the stuff around here by myself as maybe like I did back then. I have got to pull it off somehow, cooking, cleaning up, doing laundry! They will help me but wow, Bethany and Anna help so much! If you think about it, pray they have safety in their travels and a blessed fellowship with the folks there and pray for Elijah's ankle, he was playing VB last night and came down on it and he hurt it pretty bad, he's hobbling around, no fun when your going to a place to try to have fun!! I miss them already!!! :( So that means no pictures until Anna gets back!! Guess what? Siah has just come in with a vase full of fresh cut sweet baby roses.......

i was laying half propped up on my bed yesterday morning
looking out the window
so much is the same
as when you were here
trees are in the same place
the garden has the same
dirt that your hands
dug in
yours and siah's big yellow
dump trucks laying
in the same sandbox
the little bench sits
in the same place as
sat on it
the furniture in our house is in
same places
the trampoline is in the
place as when you jumped on it
so much is the same
and then as i was looking out the window
your same little twin brother
zips past the window
on his bike
i am thankful that he was old
enough at the time to remember you
yet young enough even now
that the weight of sorrow is not
changing him
he's the same funny little guy
that reminds me of you
so much is the same

Better go and get the day going........


Danielle said...

YAY!!!!! Have been waiting for this post! :) Can't WAIT for your children to get here!!!! ONLY a few more hours!!! :) YAY!!! :) (can you tell I'm excited?) ;)

Love ya!

Teena said...

Cindy, I wrote a long comment and some way it didn't post. I am so glad your older ones were able to visit their friend. Praying for you too with the youngers. It is harder when our olders are not there to help.

Thank you for sharing ... I love when you talk about Joel. Praying for you.... Keep talking.... I am so thankful for your testimony.


Strang Family said...

Thank you for your sharing... I have so many of the same feelings that you have because of giving birth to a stillborn baby boy (4 1/2 years ago.)

May the LORD bless you and your family!