Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Fun" Game!!

***I am changing the announcement time, we are going to a BD party Friday evening so we likely will be later than 10pm, so I'll announce the winner Saturday, 8th, at high noon, central time!!!!********* Play on.......********

***This is for Tricia, Anna takes all our pictures and she has a Nikon D80****

Lets do something "fun" and of course there will be prize!!! Here it is.....leave a comment of something that you did this summer that was especially fun, adventurous, exciting!! We'll take all the names and put them in a "hat" and we'll draw a name out at random and you'll be the WINNER!!!! Can not be anonymous!! Surely you all have had some BIG adventures this summer....tell us about it!!! The winner will get a box filled with surprises!! We'll play until Saturday, the 8th and I'll announce at high noon, (lunch) the winner!!!!

The guys made it safely home form Kansas. They have a half a day job today. If you think about it, pray the Lord will send work!!!

Last night Dave and Kate came over, ate with us, played volley ball and then Dave helped Anna take some pictures of the storm!!

Birthdays coming up.....Caleb and Daniel's 22 birthday on the 26th and Micah's 15th birthday on the 30th. I have some ideas especially for C&D!

Ok.....lets play the game!! I will tell you mine, a fun thing that I did was ride on the tube chair thing when we went to the lake at my dad's house in June...remember?? Of course I am not putting my name in the hat :) Your turn!!!!!


Anonymous said...

Letsee... I have done so many things!
But something real fun I did was swim in a friend's swimming pool during the night with my clothes on! :D

Katie Maulucci said...

Well, I'd say having our seventh boy was pretty exciting! Love the way you always think of fun games like this!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE that picture! It's just beautiful!

Let's see, what adventures did I have this summer? I went swimming in the pouring rain with a bunch of my friends!! How many things are we allowed to say? Well, I also went to an amusement park called Frontier City from 10:00 in the morning to 9:00 at night! I also celebrated my 15th birthday! That's all for now!

Anonymous said...
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Chad and Jessica's Family said...

Okay,Well...Chad and I got invited to go camping on the 4th of July.... I agreed to go and if you know me well that is unusual, well I should remind you I have four small children close together and my smallest is a newborn still and since I cant nurse he is bottle fed. Okay....... we pack up and load up and head up to the mountains, oh it is pretty and nice. Set up the borrowed tent trailer and camping we begin..... the day is hot and there are sure a lot of mesquitos!!! Then we go to the lake----EEEK!!!! THeres a bajillion people and I hate the water due to the fact that none of my kids swim yet anyhow..... I get through that without a stroke. All our feet are brown and I feel gross. Time for bed..... okay we do not know how to work the tent trailer at all. It is so cold and Joshua wants a warm bottle..... cant figure the stove out so we try cold.... so what do you have- a screaming baby, cold husband and tired mom..... 3 am still up due to the firework partying...5am..... fireworks still going..... 6 am all kids are crying cause they are cold...... wait for our friends to awake.... they slept like rocks somehow.... breakfast... smoky fire... back to the crazy lake..... okay sorry friends we are leaving early!!!!We packed it up and came home, where we belong :) Okay sorry so long..... camping is definatelly and adventure with a 5 yo, 31/2 yer old, 2 yo, and 4 mo old. :) There is my entry....

Tricia said...

Hiked in the Teton Mountains in Wyoming! I have followed your blog for awhile since I found it through the Wissmanns. You have a lovely family and I'm blessed by your blog. Can I ask you what kind of camera you have...your pictures are stunning! Especially love the ones of your daughter Mercy a few days ago.

Cheryl said...

Had several very fun parties to celebrate my big 50!!!

-stephanie- said...

We've had such a fun summer and I can't believe it's almost over. I would say our 4th of July party was our most fun. Lots of family and friends over, great food, fun things to do, and a wonderful fireworks display at the end of the driveway, for the guests and neighbors to see.

Anonymous said...

Having my husband home for 2 weeks R&R (Rest and Relaxation) during his deployment to Iraq was the highlight of my summer!
Janice H.

Danielle said...

Hmmm....I am sure I could probably think of plenty, but let's see since it's very late I'll come up with a quick one! :) Went to the sand dunes in Michigan and climbed the biggest hill of my LIFE! Than I ran back down it and about took a grown man down with me! :D Can I qualify for the surprise now?? :) You can just have your kids bring it up if I win!!! ;)

Love ya!

Anonymous said...

Went with my Mother & 2 sisters to Colorado to see some relatives; bought some more sand for the sandbox for our 3 girls; spent time at our County Fair; & swimming.
Awesome storm pic!

Sharon said...

I hosted a girls craft day for some of the students we minister to at Florida International University. Two Chinese girls came and we had a grand time, cutting, stamping, gluing, and laughing. I had a fun time explaining all the new things and new words to the girls (who are earning Ph.d.'s) but have not been exposed to the craft world. It was a good opportunity to share Christ with them too! If you want to see pictures, go to and look on June 21 entry.

Jessica said...

We've had many new farm adventures this year. Most recently, we brought home three turkey poults and they really are a lot of fun!

You can see a few photos at this link.

Thanks for hosting the contest :)

Georgia said...

we had a fourth of july picnic with the family and fireworks and some evening camp fires.

Ten Swamp Dogies said...

The story of your family is very touching. What a testimony!! This is the first time visiting your blog and are so glad we found it.

God bless you all,
The Pollock Family

I suppose while we're here, we'll join the contest.

Summer fun = Ziplining through hundreds of acres, picking lots and lots of peas, chasing cows through the city, traveling 1200 miles with 10 people, two blowouts and getting alot of attention that we could've done without :).......

Have fun with the contest

Maureen said...

I have spent more time doing silly things outside and in the kitchen with my kids and we have had a blast this summer. We leave this weekend for the OR coast!!! Yea!

Marie said...

It's been a bit of cool summer here in Minnesota. Drizzly, windy and cool. Went to the lake on the 4th of July which really was the only nice weekend we've had. Also had a community picnic with movies, supper, games for the grandchildren and fireworks. That was an awesome night.
Other than that it's been a quiet summer.


The Lockwood Family said...

Is there still time to enter??? :) This summer (this whole year really) has been a trying one...Samuel being so sick, lots of work in the ministry, praying the Lord's provision for our needs etc... but just the other day, I was thinking of how much I enjoy each day...each day is sprinkled with so much "fun". This summer, I have loved:
*eating our meals out on the picnic tables out back
*jumping on the trampoline with the children and sometimes (if I can talk him into it) their daddy :)
*visiting with the people of our church and our neighbors
*taking walks around the block with my little ones, stroller and sling in tow
*our church family camp
*playing hide and go seek with Nehemmiah and Eliseo
*reading the Little House books to the girls at night while we eat a snack
*playing music with Timothy and Elijah
*swinging with the children and giving them underdogs
And so much more! The Lord is so good! I so love having "fun" :)
Praying for you daily Cindy!