Thursday, July 30, 2009

catching up........

I have been a little bit distracted in not writing much or lengthy anyway, only thoughts as like the last two posts is all I could really come up with. Like I mentioned, back in Dec., maybe even before, I had calculated the date when Mercy would be Joel's age when he left us and to be honest I had some fears of "oh, Lord please let her get to this age and go beyond and have a loooong healthy life." It was just another one of those "firsts" that I had to get through. With twins and having one absent, always firsts, things ahead like, Josiah's first tooth to come out, starting school, and all the things he will do without his twin. I saw a site the other day that was called "Twinless Twins." It was a place for the ones left behind to recieve comfort and to grieve with other twinless twins. I did not stay there long, it really made me sick feeling. Josiah, as best as I can tell is and has done fine with this journey. He still talks about Joel, because WE still talk about him. Hosie tells often of things she remembers and it is so sweet to my heart to hear Mercy speak of him. She comes up with all these sceniero's that did not happen of her and Joel and Josiah playing together and I guess is pretending. I enjoy hearing her jabber about Joel anyway.

We had a neat answer to prayer with something Anna has been desiring for a while. She has been saving her $ to get a flash for her camera but very slow progress. On Monday Rita and Jeremy came out to play volleyball and they said they had something for Anna prior to their coming. They blessed Anna with a "hunka munka" flash for her camera!!! She has to figure it all out but this was major provision!! It is so neat to see how God uses his people as "arms and feet" to provide things for the body of Christ. May we all learn to obey His voice as He prompts us to bless others! Thank you Rita and Jeremy for "listening."

Tuesday, since we were having "withdrawls" from not seeing Dave and Kate for 48 hours, so they came over, we cooked hamburgers, played VB and then it started raining so we came in and some of them played Scrabble and we also were looking for the lost camera battery. It was just no where to be found and then you know the rest of the story. Kate is finally showing now, she has started her 6 month. Mercy is so funny as we try to tell her about the baby in Kate's belly. She comes up to me and whispers, "is it going to be our baby?" I say no, but we can play with it and hold it. She says in a whisper," can I put clothes on it?" I tell her yes! Now I catch her putting things under her shirt to make her have a "big belly." Gonna be fun!!

The guys have finally strted doing one of the jobs they have been waiting on. It will only be a three day one. It has been a hard 4 weeks without work. This coming week, they are doing some work in Kansas, not the whole week. Sometimes you have to travel! Caleb and Daniel have done alot of work on their CD, so it has been profitable to be off in that way.

I recieved an e-mail this week that blessed me. A young man in Korea, doing some work there with other believers. He had watched Joel's Journey and contacted us. His name was Joel and he is #6 in a family of 13 as well. He has a little sister that has some health needs. I was encouraged that one more knows of our little Joel and so thankful that our Joel's life can bless others.

Terry has been doing some fall planting. Our fall garden has never done that well, but he is really trying to keep it watered. Our tomatoes were near death with the heat, but they have revived and look reallly good. Somtime in the fall, Elijah will rent a dozer and clear all the stumps of the trees they have recently cut down to expand the garden. Now they have it wrapping around the back of our house :) In thinking about fall, lots of events coming up for our crew. Several trips planned, (Lord willing) in Aug., preparing for the upcoming State Fairs, getting goats in show shape and then towards the end of Aug, the birthday regeme starts again. Six BD's in 4 week time frame!!

Ok, I guess we are caught up. I think I am going to go hit the grocery stores, Sams and some thrifty stores. The guys are here for right now, lots of rain in the night which we so desperately needed, answer to prayers!!

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Teena said...

Always enjoy reading and remembering.... sometimes I do not leave a comment b/c I always think I say the same things. (blush) Joel touched so many lives and will continue to touch lives. I am honored to be a part of this journey you let us all read/witness. Your love for the Lord and your testimony of Joel speaks to my heart.

HUGS, Cindy... I am praying for you.

That is great about the flash. God is good.