Friday, July 24, 2009

book of ruth.....

The way I like to read my Bible is to pick out a book of the Bible as I feel impressed of the Lord or sometimes more at random and read it from start to finish like as a story and if its a longer Book, just reading a few chapters a day until finished. Then I like to think in my mind and picture it all happening, events, people how God is interacting with the people. and of course the message of the Book and I love to seek out small phrases, promises that would be applicable to my heart, life and family. I have recently read the Book of Ruth. The first thing that really leaps out is how God is seen working plans, appointments, sorrows, seasons, and times. So many times I feel like God is doing nothing, my prayers are taking soooo long to get answered, days seem to move like a snail. But in this story, a true story, God is working, but it is kinda like behind the scenes. At the beginning of the story it speaks of a man, his wife and their two sons, they have to relocate because of a famine, a need of provision. Naomi's husband dies, a great sorrow for her and then the sons get married to women of Moab. They dwelled there in Moab for 10 years. In my mind I was thinking about the 10 years of life they had together, day in and day out, possibly nothing major happening and then, the two sons die. What sorrow this family has experienced, three deaths. Now come to find out there's food back in the land where they came from, so back the women go. As I sit and think about all the events/famines, deaths, places and times, God is doing something!! He is doing His plan! Don't ever believe in coincidences, there are none!! Its called Providences! They arrive in Bethlehem at a certain season, the beginning of barley harvest. Certain people come on the scene, like Boaz! Its all being orchestrated to perfection! Timing, places, people and the other thing is all these events in the book of Ruth covers about 10 years.It took time. When you read it sometimes we think it all happened quickly. I think about my own life, Terry and I being married, having babies, moving to Ok, meeting different people and not really undergoing anything too major in the 21 years we were maried at the time when our journey with Joel, such a sorrow, as like nothing we've experienced, and now we continue on and now after reading Ruth I see parallels, these folks I have just read about and their lives is all consummating to bring about plans. Big plans, particular, speciliazed, every piece being placed for the appointed time. It was in God's plan to allow the deaths of the two sons at the beginning because one of the women, Ruth was going to marry the man Boaz, a plan! You see, if you get to the end of the story and look at the lineage, you see Jesus coming from the seed of Ruth and Boaz . God was working, orchestrating places, times, years, people, deaths and I know they had to wonder and question, they were human. Its more than I think our minds can conceive as we read the story even after it has all happened. God is really on our scene even if it seems He is behind the scenes. There were deaths at the beginning yet at the end the women proclaimed to Naomi, (4:14) And he shall be a restorer of thy life. They were talking about the baby that Ruth had but really is it not Who was to come through the loins of this new little baby? They named him Obed and Obed beget Jesse and Jesse beget David and soon the Messiah would come from the lineage of David! I read one verse that seems to sum up the Book for me, 3:18, then she said, sit still, my daughter, until thou know how the matter will fall....That one verse tells me one word......Trust! Its hard sometimes to fling oneself out on this truth. To trust God for everything, to trust Him with deaths, with life, childrens futures, waiting for jobs, for provisions. Over the time span that the Book of Ruth took place, again I say, every detail was providentially positioned to fulfill Christ's coming. I will parallel that with our journey and do it with yours, there is a purpose for every detail in our lives! Trust!!

Actually last night when Kate was here and the guys and Dave all gone, it was probably our most calm time as far as adventure. Nothing major. We ate, played some volley ball, they played some basketball, talked and then decided to get a movie around 9:30 pm, The Boy in Striped Pajamas. Set in the time of World War II. This morning, Sat. Terry and some of them went to Farmers Market. Cooking bugers for lunch and then tonight I think we are going to a rodeo.

Today is the Blog-a thon that I mentioned that Nikki hosts to raise funds for Neuroblastoma research. You can go here and make a donation and even give in honor of some one if you like and go here to read throught out the day as Nikki blogs about each child. Joel will be up from 8-8:30 pm. You can go here and see all the children's pictures that are featured.

Have a great weekend!!

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