Thursday, July 23, 2009

working on photos.....

Its rare if I procrastinate because I am a do'er!! I have had about 100 pictures of Bethany sitting on the computer desk for at least 2 months that need to go in her Creative Memory book. Today was the day!!! They are in!!! One thing thats hard for me to do is pull out all that picture stuff if the guys are around and since they have been around for the last few weeks, I have not been motivated. Today they went to help the B's put in a wood floor in one of the bedrooms. It gave them something to do anyway and like Terry says, in ALL labor, paid or not, there is profit!! So back to the picture books, keeping up with 22 of them is not an easy task. The children so enjoy looking at them, seeing their past. I am so thankful for all the pictures we have of Joel. Of course his stays the same width as his journey has ended. Nonetheless, I love the pictures and treasure them. On a note that touches my heart, Mercy loves to come and sit or lay beside me and I'll ask her what she wants to talk about and it never fails that she always says "Balley!" So I start from the beginning and tell her he is her brother and he lived here in this house, on this farm and I tell her all the things he liked to do, play outside, on the swing set, drive his dump truck, play with Playmobiles and then I tell her about when she was born and how he loved to hold her when she was a baby and then I tell her he is Siah's twin and they had a party and they turned 3 and he got sick and had to go to the hospital and he had cancer and then he died and he does not live with us anymore, but with Jesus in heaven. Once she hears all that it seems to satisfy her and she hops down and goes about her 3 year old life until the next time she will crawl up and I will ask her the same question and I will tell Joel's story to her again!!

Bethany and Anna made it back from helping out Rita and her family and the new baby as they had the opportunity to clean her house. I hope Rita can "smell" the clean as she returns home:)
Good way to use their skills!!

Terry went to the Farmers Market yesterday, Wed. and they did well! Sold quite a few bars of Goat Soap, some produce and then also the Garden Workshop DVD's. If your interested, see the button on the right!

Caleb and Daniel are really seeing light at the end of the tunnel with their music cd they are making, orchestrating through all their equipment and recording with their own instruments. Get this, they are possibly going to have some vocal on it as well as all the instrumental!!! They have had alot of extra time around here:) If you would like to hear some sample music, you can go to their link on the side, shekinah springs studio.

I have been in touch with a mom whose 2 year old son was diagnosed with neuroblastoma just this past May. His name is Silas. Would you pray for him and his family? There are so many children.......

Tomorrow is Friday, yeah! I guess I like weekends, as I tend to think your more "free" from the routines!! Dave and the guys have some plans with the men of our church fellowship, so Kate is going to come and entertain us !!


Anonymous said...

Aw, that is so sweet that Mercy likes to hear about Joel!
God bless you!!

Emma and Mommy said...

How very sweet Mercy is asking about Joel. I bet the times she sits and your lap and you get to share about how wonderful he was, is just a precious time for you. What a great bonding experience for you and for Mercy, and I bet sharing about Joel makes your heart so proud.

I will pray for Silas and family.

Anonymous said...

This is so precious that Mercy likes to hear the story of Joel. I'm sure it blesses you as well. :-)
I admire you so much, Cindy, as I tend to be more of a thinker/feeler and I wish I was more of a doer, like you! Constantly have to work on that!
I stand back see how God seems to have multiplied blessings on your family in the past year or 2. BLessings of good friends, fellowship, fun, food, business endeavors, farming/gardening....what a rich family life He has given you. Those of us looking in, marvel.
And I must say, your little Hosanna is absolutely beautiful.