Thursday, July 9, 2009

garden update....

The corn is all finished, Terry said we got about 300-400 ears. We ate a alot and I cut the rest off the cob and put it in the freezer. Now the tomatoes are coming in strong. You can go out and get a good bucket full each day,18-20. I have been making and canning salsa. The problem is, we eat a quart at one sitting. Another "tasty" dish we like with the tomatoes is Fresh Salsa. You cut the tomatoes up in small chunks, cut up a few onions and a bell pepper, open a can of black beans and rinse them, cut up jalapenos according to how hot you want it, add some garlic powder, salt, pepper, cilantro and a dash of lime juice and chill. We eat this with chips like crazy. Its good to put the mixture on burrito's too. The tomatoes are doing better this year than last year and they look so well shaped, we are grateful for the fresh food the garden has brought us this year!!!

Last night David, Kate and Colton came over, we had a Mexican Feast! Hot wing burrito's, pinto beans, the fresh salsa and the can salsa and of course Anna made a yummy dessert. And you know us, volley-ball was played and then the guys and Colton practiced some music. Good time, good fellowship!! Unless the Gellenbeck family calls back for volley-ball games tonight, we might actually play volley-ball with just us. Hopefully they will!!

The guys will finish up the fencing job today. One rattlesnake with 11 rattles is dead!! Its been easy for them to come home everyday for lunch. The very hot weather is hampering the little ones from playing outside, they have been a little on the whiney side. If I were really motivated, I would say, "lets do some school while your inside." I guess we do have to start thinking about this before too long!

Upcoming events in July........maybe a rodeo soon, Dave is going to give Caleb, Daniel, Elijah and Micah "Marriage Lesson #1, cooking a fancy meal!!" helping a family move, going to a goat sale, and seeing if we have enought tomatoes for farmer's market, and then on July 25th a blog friend is hosting a "blogathon" for children fighting cancer and she also honors children that did not win the cancer battle. Joel will be featured from 8pm-8:30pm. Joel's story was featured last year too. I'll post the link when it closer and you can also donate and the funds will go directly to Band of Parents which supports neurobalstoma research and ALL the funds go to it.

Not much else around here. Hope your in the Word!!!


Beth said...

Im so wishing our garden looked as well as yours.. Everything got in late because of the rain this spring and then all of our okra and green beans got eatn' up by the rabbits. But tomatoes are doing well and cucumbers and squashes. Yes this swing set is the best deal and it is the one from Sams. Took a whole week to put together but well worth it. It is made very well and easy instructions but 4 boxes and 1 big box of bolts... :)

Emma and Mommy said...

I love the sunflower picture. They are one of my all time favorite flowers, and remind me of my wedding because that is what we used. I think I have it on the brain anyway with my 14th anniversary coming up next week.

Your corn sounds yummy. I love corn, and I know it sounds silly but I just love the way a corn field looks, its just so Oklahoma like. :-) Despite the fact its not nice to envy others, I do envy the amount of space you have for veggies. We have such a tiny yard. I did manage to do some basil and some sweet peppers, the peppers are taking off and I should have a good amount to pick by this time next week

Forgot to post the other day, but I LOVE the pictures of Mercy swimming in the "cow bucket" she is so cute and Ella loves the little Dora swimsuit she has on in the pictures.

Janet said...

Once again, I so enjoyed my visit! I do hope you have a wonderfully warm and special week-end! I am going to try and make that salsa! I think my little family will love it!

Mountain Mama said...

Let me just say ~ I am envious of your garden! Sounds so wonderful. Our salsa recipe is very simialr to yours and it is YUMMM YUMMM

We have a full week of campers starting this weekend. Pray that God would begin now preparing their hearts and that they would desire to follow HIM.


Beth said...

We just watched your video on gardening and it was wonderfully done. Great Job Morris family. It is great for any beginner gardener. and Great for long timers to. Always good to get a fresh Idea! Thanks again.

Teena said...

I love your sunflower.... we have some too but they haven't bloomed.

Thinking of you. Cindy... we all watched Joel's Journey tonight... it had been awhile. My heart aches for you .. and with you. Mandi wept... I cried and my boys sat with me... in my lap. Wyatt 7 & Wesley will be 6 on Tuesday. I continue to pray for you...

Your strength and faith is a wonderful testimony.... I know at times you do not feel strong but we all SEE JESUS in YOU. Keep fighting the good fight... praying His strength for you.

as always I will be back.
Much love,