Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Cooking with Dave !!

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I will have to say we arrived at the "cooking class" with 4 skeptical fellows but after it was all prepared, cooked and et' up we left with full satisfied bellies!!! Dave has topped it off with adventure meals and I can not compete with him, I just serve "plain ole meals!!" It was a delicious meal!! Ok....I will have to tell you what was served but I can not give "hows and measurements" because Dave said there was none. The name of the main course was "Monty Kiev," and Dave served corn on the side. Upon our arrival, Dave gave the guys assignments. At first I did not have any idea what they were cooking up, but as the assembly line progressed, it was beginning to sound yummy!! First Dave told Micah to take the 9 sicks of softened butter and put it in the mixer while Daniel was cutting up green onions and then they mixed these up. Next Daniel and Micah took spoon scoops and splatted them on cookie sheets and put them in the freezer. At this point I was really wondering!!! On to the next step was Caleb and Daniel beating the chicken breast flat. Once that was done, over at the next station you took the breast and put a frozen butter blob and rolled it up and tooth picked it close, Micah and Elijah had this job!! After that you rolled the chicken in flour, whole wheat and then dipped it in beaten eggs, which the guys had already gotten pre-pared, then you rolled it in bread crumbs. Finally after a bit, Daniel then took the breasts and quickly browned them in oil on the stove. The breasts were then placed on a baking sheet and baked until done. Mean while, noodles were cooked and the garlic white sauce was made to put over the chicken and noodles. Finally all was ready and displayed proudly/humbly on the table and soon you could hear all the "wows and ahhh's and this stuff is great and I love this stuff!!!" It was so very good, I'll have to say that Dave suprised me!!! Now to top the evening off Dave (and Kate) even served dessert. It was called Pocky Parfait! Micah whipped up whipping creme and added some sweetener, then it was scooped in bowls and lavished with fresh blackberries they so generously shared with us!! Then the fun part of this dessert consisted of a game, did you see the picture of the Pocky boxes, well I have never seen these but both Dave and Kate had these when they were little, anyway, they are thin little sticks with a coating on them almost to the end. The game was you had to put the non coated end in you mouth and hold it with your teeth until someone said "go" and then a race to see who could eat theirs the fastest without touching it, just bringing it in you mouth as you ate it down. I think Elijah won!! This was a "MAJOR WHOA NELLIE BOZO MEAL!!" Thats just our version of saying it was super-fantastic!!! It did not stop there, Dave and Kate even had entertainment lined up for us, baseball with one of those over sized plastic bats. Now you might think that should have been a piece of cake, you try it, that ball is not easy to deal with and it was a bit windy and as the ball went ever so high it seemed to scoot forward just as you thought you might catch it!!! It finally got so dark we had to retreat to the house and Dave proceeded to bless our little children by looking on-line at Playmoblies (a toy) that he might get for himself!!!! It was a great evening and I hope there not "too bored" when they come back over to our house now!! Thanks Dave and Kate and all the guys for a job well done. They at least know how to cook ONE meal now!!

Its been a very busy day here! This morning more space was cleared for expanding the garden, chain saws humming and trees falling. Lord willing we want to plant maybe 300 tomato plants instead of 100, maybe 36 rows of corn instead of 12!!! Sowing bountifully and Lord willing reaping bountifully! Also Daniel and i went to get materials to finish a project. We had some plumbing problems in one of the baths and it has been functional but with plastic on the walls so today we got the tile to go behind the bath tub!!!!

Kate has been here today, Dave had a business meeting and who likes to stay home alone?? We fixed dinner, Dave is helping the guys with the bathroom project, now some volley ball and then back to the project in hopes of getting it ready to grout soon. So you see a full day!!


Oh, and Elijah has gone to another fire....be his shield, Lord!!!!


Luke's Mom said...

Looks and sound delicious. It's always a good idea to teach our young mean how to cook, that way when there wives get pregnant and are perhaps has morning sickness or once the baby is born, they know how to bless their wife with some home cooking.

Love in Christ,

Laura said...

Ya'll have way too much fun! I wish that we were your neighbors...for lots of reasons! You and your family are such an encouragement to me. :)

MP said...

I love how intense their faces look...much more than when they are working on building a house. lol

Teena said...

Wow sounds like so much fun. I love the pics! Thanks for sharing. What great memories.


Cinnamon said...

What a beautiful family you have. What a great site, men in the kitchen :-) Love it!