Friday, March 27, 2009

A Love Story.....

One of the wonderful things about the scripture besides teaching us doctrine, reproof/correction, edifying, comforting and giving us direction, it teaches us how to pray. A we read it, our understanding becomes more enlightened and we see ways of praying that open to us desires that we might have not initially prayed for, so really if we allow the Words/Principles of scripture to become our prayers, we have the opportunity of receiving more than sometimes our meager, human "think what we want prayers." I have been reading in Genesis and a few days ago I read Chapter 24, the beautiful love story of Isaac and Rebekah. Terry and I have been praying for our childrens mates and as I read this, I found more specific ways to pray and look forward to greater things, (because of the pattern here in these verses), the Lord can do as I seek to make my requests known. Isaac benefited from the faith of his father, Abraham. Just as the sins of a father are passed on to the following generations so are blessings, ones who seek to walk according to the ways of the Lord. Abraham was this type of man, he was blessed of the Lord in all things, in his life, his business, all his endeavors (v.1) He was a man of faith believing the promise that the Lord gave him that his son would marry. (v.4) Terry and I want to expect this same principle with our own children, believing that the Lord has a life mate for them, that this is the ultimate, optimal plan for each of them. That God uses the father to give counsel and direction. Abraham desired a mate for his son that was of faith in the Lord, (v.7) Abraham was a man that trusted the Lord with the timming, places, circumstances as when all this would take place. (v.10-13) So all these verses have to do with the father of Isaac, he was prayerful, patient, wise, walking in the ways of the Lord. So alot falls on the shoulders of our husbands and the father of our children, we as wives need to pray for them!! Next, I saw ways to pray for the groom to be, and as my sons read this may these ways be in your lives. Know and rest that God has an appointed woman for each of you, (v. 14) God will lead your every step and order the ways and hows of it all, (v.27) In verses 62-63, Isaac is shown to have a personel faith in the Lord, he has a fear of God, as the well he was at "Lahai-roi, means the well of him that liveth and seeth me, he spent time with the Lord, he had expectations in the Lord and not what he could make happen as he looked up with his eyes, and finally God delivered his beautiful Bride and I think the phase is quite sweet, the camels are coming (v.63) So my dear sons and daughters, keep trusting and praying and waiting, the camels are coming!!!!! The marriage was consumated, they were made one, and he loved her. Back over in verse 12, I like this to turn into a prayer as the servant was desiring an extrordinary work, not depending on what he could conjur up but upon God's providences. He said send me good speed this day and shew kindness unto my master Abraham. As I think about the lovely bride-to-be, first and foremost she was a servant, and going over and beyond what was required, (v.19) she was lovely to look upon, pratically speaking, she was a good steward of her temple, (v.16) She was kept pure and undefiled awaiting her husband, (v.16) She was industerious and not idle, as she was tending to the needs of her family and still under her fathers house gathering water as this was the custom for women in the evening. She new her lineage and heritage as she quickly honored her fathers name and spoke highly of him, (v.24) She was hospitable and had training of politeness and of speech(v.25) She kept her family informed with things in her life, desires, circumstances, (v28) As the servant enters the home, to me it was portraying two families coming together in harmony,(v29-31) And of course the blessing of the house was given to Rebekah, some say Rebekka's father was not alive, but either way, the blessing was given!(v.50-52) And then the blessing of the womb was given, I love that part, v.60, And they blessed Rebekah, and said unto her, Thou art our sister, be thou the mother of thousands of millions, and let thy seed possess the gate of theose which hate him. There was short engagement and their lives were joined together until death!!! Also as the servant shared to Rebekah's family of the prospective goom and his family, he was a able to give a good report, one of faith and integrity, (v.35-36) I was so blessed as I read this and saw many new things I could be praying for each of our children. Some of yuo might be getting squirmey, thinking "is something happening over here?" as why I am writing about marriage, and even in a post a little ways back. I guess its kinda like expecting your first baby, its territory we have not tread, and any preparation in prayer is always a good thing and Lord willing it will happen someday!!!! I am not seasoned in this area, so I do not have answers to all of it now, but Lord willing by the time the 10th, 11th or 12th gets it done, I'll have answers for ya, so stay tuned!!!!! Now if you wanta know about babies and children, by God's grace I might can help ya out!!!

I hope you might take the time to go back and re-read Chapter 24 and see the specific versesI mentioned, as I did not write them out and I hope they will encourage your prayers for your children!!

So.....Lord.....may you give all of our sons their "Rebekah's" and may you give all of our daughter's their "Isaac's." And may you bless them with thousands of milliions!!!! Whew, I can't wait!!!!! I am so thankful and I love my "Isaac.. alas... Terry!!!"

Hadn't seen near drop of snow yet.....them thar predictors of the weather, are ye sure you know what ya talkin'?????


Anonymous said...

Great post, Cindy! Praying for all the "Isaacs and Rebekahs", know it is hard to wait yet GOD blesses us even while in the waiting.

We just have to keep watching for the blessing so we don't miss it!

Hugs to all of your beautiful family!

(aka Lizzy's Mom)

Emma and Mommy said...

Love this post! I know I feel very blessed to have found my Issac and I know one day my children will be blessed with their life long loves too. I thought I was the only one who prayed for that now, I guess you do too, what a comfort to know I am not the only one!

We got a very light dusting of snow here in Norman, pretty while falling but not enough to even make a snow ball with