Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Guess Who?????/

Guess who said this.......Whereby shall I know this? For I am an old man, and my wife well stricken in years. And this one...... How shall this be, seeing I know not a man? I know you likely got the answers right.......Zacharias and then Mary, the mother of Jesus. I thought it was so interesting that just as we often respond after we might have been given a task from the Lord, or maybe He wants us to do something or maybe there is something we are facing that is very difficult, challenging, or maybe we have a great need, or maybe we have a great desire and we, like these two folks question "how" can this impossible situation possibly be or work out or come to pass or be answered? Mary and Zacharias really responded no differently than ordinary people like us, they could not initially see how it could be. They used their own reasoning's to try to figure out how an extraordinary thing was going to take place. We sometimes use excuses of "how can I do this?" or "will God come through?" or any number of things we have slipped in for an answer and to not comply and just believe and trust and wait and pray! I know for me, there seems like a mountain of "impossibilities." How can it all work out, where will the finances come from, when will it happen and many more questions with the childrens futures and their mates for life and their ground being prepared and supporting their families. But on down in that chapter of Luke is the answer to all of our delima's, Luke 1:37, For with God nothing shall be impossible. The key is, "with God." I was encouraged as these two people, Mary and Zacharias faced an impossiblity in their eyes but the Lord brought it to pass and they were just ordianary folks like me and you!! Let's be encouraged in each of our situations......with God it is possible, according to His will :)

Ever busy around here, The guys are here this week, first time this year they have had a week with no work. Next week they have work and there are bids out, just waiting for confirmation on those or not. They have been busy with other things, Terry is working on taxes, ugh!!! Caleb and Daniel have been doing some music stuff and today they are helping a friend work on his house here in the area. David and Kate came for dinner last night and of course that is always an adventure. You see, we have "two" areas that we try to outdo each other in, the first is, pulling off an adventure, and the other one is for me and Terry only, seeing who can kiss their wife the most!! Of course Terry and I are WAY ahead of them by about 22 years but they are sure getting with the program!! I told them to come over for and "Adventure Meal!" The adventure idea is to do something that is unknown or try to anyway, so I cooked fish and stuff to go with it. When they got here I told them at one time it had been slimey and had big eyeballs.....they guessed and got it right.....fish!! They did pull off a little adventure in the house as they hid something and we had to try to find it and figure it out. It's crazy with them!!! Anna is fixing dinner tonight, her famous home made spagetti sauce and a new roll it looks like and I think she is doing a salad. Towards the end of the week Elijah and Anna are going to a HUGE Bull sale in the OKC area and the rest of us are going as well. It will be an all day affair. David and Kate are going with us too!!

Please keep the Lockwood family in your prayers as I have mentioned them here many times, Jaynee is now in the hospital for the duration of the pregnancy. She is 31 weeks and praying the little fellow can stay in a little longer and pray for a safe delivery via surgery for them.

Blessings to you all.....


Emma and Mommy said...

I love the begining of this blog. The Story of Zacharias and Elizabeth is one of my all time favorites in the bible. The words found in those passges when she became pregnant with John the Baptist brought me so much comfort when I was first trying to get pregnant. (It took 6 years the first time!)

It then leads into the story of Jesus's birth which of course is also one of my all time favorite bible stories. Beauitful, just beautiful.

I read those passages often even today, it proves that anything is possible if you just have faith in God.

I am praying hard for Jaynee I really hope all turns out well for her. She is such a wonderful lady, and I am so glad she has made it to atleast the 31 week mark, I pray his birth goes well and I pray for her safety too.

The Ahlgrens said...

You say it's crazy with us, oh hoho, it MAJOR crazy with ya'll! And then mix us all together and we have a crazy good, adventurous, kissin' good time! ;) We certainly enjoy our competitions, without doubt!!!
Your "Adventure Meal" was quite tasty!!! It is such a delight to be with ya'll and we are so thankful to the Lord for your family and the time that we get to spend with you!!!!!
I love what you said about the key being "with God". Something we've talked about lately is Prov3:5-6, "acknowledge Him", His might, His will, His power, His grace, His blessing, His doing..... acknowledge all of Him!
We love you all very much and pray you have a super blessed adventurous day!