Thursday, March 26, 2009

Busy !!!!

Yes, these are our tulips, Anna did a great job capturing them

Still here......just been a bit busy!! Also today I went to do all the grocery shopping as they have predicted a big snow for tomorrow and I knew I could not get out in that and we were down to the "Last Supper!!" I have to tell you about my really exciting bargain!! About a month ago I went into the store Christopher and Banks and saw a denim skirt I really wanted, but it was $45, and I could not bring myself to get it. Today I decided to pop back in there not even wondering about the skirt but looking for skirts in general. I made my way through the store and then went over to the clearance rack, there was ONE left and it was my size, it was marked $19, but the fantastic things was all their clearance stuff was 1/2 off, so I got it for a whopping $10!!!!! I love little blessings like that!!!! I even wore it out of the store!!!!! I found several things at re-sale stores and thrifty places for some of the others here. All went well getting the groceries, it was a mad house as I guess folks think we are going to be snowed in for weeks.

I do not have a lot of time to write for now, we are preparing to go over to Dave's and Kate's for dinner. They said they were fixing us an "Asian Adventure." I just hope its dead and well cooked!!!

Don't forget about the Garden Workshop, Saturday, April 11th-- 9am-12 noon. I found the cutest basket to fill and give away for it. I am going to fill it with lots of "goodies." You can check back here and see if we have added anything . You can register here to come. All those peoples that have shown interest in coming to our farm that live fairly close, nows your time......we'd love to meet you and visit with you!!!!


John-Clay said...

WOW!! Nice flower picture :)

Heather from Ontario Canada said...

Are those your tulips?? up already? Beautiful :)

I live a bit too far away to come but I hope you have a wonderful time. Perhaps one day Ralph and I can come your way on our bikes. Mm that would make a neat destination. Always need a new destination

Nikki said...

Cindy....there may be a slight chance we can come to the workshop afterall. We're working on it. I'll let you know what comes of it. I mapquested it and you're about 3 1/2-4 hrs from Fort Worth. We'd have to leave early Sat morning but what better reason to get up early and make a road trip out of it? LOL! Did you get my email?

Charity Burnett said...

Wow Anna!!! I love the picture.


Maggie R. Burnett said...

Nice!!I like that Tulip picture!!!