Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Thou Art......

Yesterday we had an "Adventurous Day" with Katelyn, our newlywed neighbor. Kate came over in the morning and spent the whole day with us as her hubby had business to tend to! She even brought stuff to make "Adventure Sandwiches" for the children, which consisted of peanut butter, honey and sliced bananas. I do not think they would eat those for me, so I"ll just have to call them that next time. We had a fun day of talking, looking at photo albums, folding clothes, peeling wallpaper off, helping with goat chores, playing a game, which Kate is an extraordinary actor, some more talking and of course acting silly and then she and Anna made a giant plate of cookies and then we had dinner and then Dave arrived, we fed him and they headed out!! What I appreciate about Dave and Katelyn is the fact that they feel so comfortable in our home, its really like having two more children.....they just act like they belong here and that makes me happy!!

This morning I was reading Ps. 71. Throughout this Ps are these words. Thou art my rock and my fortress, thou art my hope, thou art my trust, thou art he that took, thou art my strong refuge. I brought all these words to the Lord as a way to praise Him, it drives my fleshy reasoning's away and replaces it with His person, His ways and His comforts to my heart. Thou art He that took Joel but Thou art he who will be my hope and trust. Thou art he who will be my refuge when I feel so weak with tears, thou art he that will be my rock when I feel like I am sinking in the emotions, thou art he that will be my fortress where I can hide from the enemy's darts of "God wasn't fair."

One of my weakness is I am not a good communicator face to face, it is easier for me to write. So this is to my sons, but in principle I think it can be applied to my daughters as well. I think it would be safe to say that every morning I pray three things (and more, but these three along with the other things) I pray for that the Lord would prepare their fields in providing land for them, that the Lord would provide godly wives for them and that the business that they are in with their father would be a means for them to provide for their own families. I think this is a right prayer, one that should be prayed and I will continue to pray but this morning as I read in Luke 14:16-24. I was amazed at what I read and how it specifically spoke of these three things, land, cattle (likely could draw that this could be a business) and a wife. Its a parable of the great supper and the master bid them to Come; for all things are now ready (v.17) There are excuses given, I have bought a piece of ground, and must needs go and see it: I pray thee have me excused, and another said, I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them: I pray thee have me excused, and the last one said, I have married a wife, therefore I cannot come. Like I said all three of these things are excellent and good but what I desire to communicate is this, the first priority is to be ready to Come when the Master calls to be making yourselves ready for the kingdom through diligence in seeking Him in His word, through slaying the lusts of the eyes, the lust of the flesh and the pride of life, to learn of Him who loved selflessly and sacrificially. My point being here is, to even more so than your doing now, is to encourage you to seek first the kingdom and his righteousness and the Lord said he will add all these things unto you being the land, success and being able to provide for your families and a wife. It really spoke to me because I have been praying for these three things specifically instead of praying specifically for you to seek His kingdom first, so I was convicted that I need to order my prayer aright and the Lord will add unto you these wonderful and beautiful delights of your hearts. I love you my sons, all 9 and desire the Lord to do mighty works in and through you, may you seek Him first!!!

Agenda today.....Working wednesday again!!!! Clean house, do some school, get Duffy at the groomer, finish up working on Mercy's Creative Memory album, fix dinner, Andrew keep the wood stove going as it is cold again, do my walking on the treadmill, I am still doing it but its tough, I have to make myself get on it but I am always glad the task is accomplished!!

The guys are in Texas doing a job, Dave and Kate are right here to take care of do not fear !!!! I better go, Josiah needs major assistance, Mercy came and told me "he's acting foolish!!"


The Cole Family said...

Dave and Kate probably feel that way because your family is so welcoming to them. What a blessing for you both!


Marie said...

I just love you and your blog. To have Godly neighbors who love you is such a blessing. Especially ones who help strip wallpaper!! lol