Saturday, March 21, 2009

Andrew is 13 !!!

Andrew Lee Morris is 13 today!!!Andrew is our 7th born child, and the second to be born on the farm here! Andrew's name means one who is courageous, manly, and wow does Andrew live up to that thus far!! Whether its chores, playing a sports around here, hunting/fishing, he is the "man." If you go fishin' with Andrew, he always catches the most, if you try to out run him in a sports game, its tough, if you try to wrestle him, he is so clever to wiggle his way out, when he goes hunting, he rarely comes home empty handed!! Andrew is, I think our quietest child which I am glad I have at least one,:) but he has times when he gives us a good dose of a merry heart!! Andrew has several "nicknames," and as many of you know that's all they go by amongst themselves. His are "Dean, Dewey and several more but I can not phonetically spell them on the keyboard here. There are many things I am thankful for in Andrew's life. He does his morning chores without having to be reminded, he is sensitive and repentant when given reproof, he is willing to watch over the little ones when needed. Andrew is Bethany's "man" when it comes to goat stuff, he helps and shows with her in all this goat business. One thing that Andrew likes to do is ride steers and he gave his best ride last summer and won some money!! I keep trying to convince them to just leap on one of our cows out there and enjoy the ride!!! Andrew invited Jesus into his heart about two years ago but he still needs to be baptized, as we have shared with him at times, we are praying he will initate that with a response and of course if he does soon we'll have to wait until a little warmer weather to baptize him here at our pond with our church fellowship. Our prayer for Andrew, as all the children is that he will walk in the truth all his days, he will seek to serve others and carry out the meaning of his name, to be courageous and also be a "fisher of men," to love the Lord with all his heart, mind, soul and strength, and as the Lord leads and gives in his future a family and wife, that he would love her as Christ loves the Church.....sacrifically. What a blessing to have the privelege of nurting and admonshing all these "boys, young men and men." Godly men are a critical foundation to our country, our homes and families and we have 8 here with us to send out, may the Lord grant us grace and power to do that effectively for His kingdom and His glory!!!!

Andrew opened his presents with his yummy donuts this morning and we'll have his burgers and all that stuff later. He is having a "Crow Party," different, huh??? I get themes of the BD's from things they are interested in or they are doing in and around their BD many times. He got a VERY sharp buck knife, hunting stuff, a re-chargable light, and a $30 wooden crafted Crow call! Happy Birthday Andrew, I love you so very much!!!!

Bethany is up at the goat birthing chamber again!!!! More on the way!!! Did you read about her last triplet birth?? It was crazy and a little nervous!!

Things are underway as we plan the Garden Workshop, (see post below) I am going to keep reminding in each post and will have a link back to it so you can see things if we add to it!! We now are going to serve Daylight Doughnuts FREE in the morning as we have them for our 2nd sponsor!!! Keep checking back and plan to come!!!! *** Our 3rd Sponsor taking part: Guthrie Garden Center, 811 S. Division, Guthrie, Ok!!!! You do not want to miss this or the Doughnuts:)

Have a great Saturday!!!!!


Mountain Mama said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew!

We pray that you continue to grow in the Lord and that this year is a very blessed one.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Andrew! I hope you have a wonderful birthday, and pray that He blesses you in this year and for the rest of your life. :)

Emma and Mommy said...

Happy Birthday Andrew. I hope you have a wonderful fun filled day. May the Lord bless you the coming year, and always in your life.

Anonymous said...

What a handsome son. I stand amazed at your beautiful family and the amazing parents! Happy birthday to the new teenager!

The Ahlgren Family said...

Andrew certainly does live up to the meaning of his name!!! He's definitely one of the most "manly" young men we know! And it is a blessing to be in the company of such men! Hope you had an adventuresome birthday and that the Lord truly places His blessing and favor on your life Andrew!

Janet said...

What a handsome young man! Happy Birthday Andrew - may this be the first of many happy birthdays and may all your dreams come true!