Friday, March 20, 2009

Beginner Gardening Workshop

We have an I shared in a previous post about gardening, Terry and our family would like to host a Beginners Gardening Workshop here at our place, Shekinah Springs Farm. The Lord has blessed Terry with 15 years of experience and a little wisdom in gardening, so to be a good steward of that he would like to pass it on to others. We are not claiming he knows it all, he is still learning about this Okie soil, but we think it would be fun and a way to fellowship as well!! Here is the info and hope you join us and maybe you'd just like to come and enjoy some fresh country air....(no excuses Lori!!!)

Beginners Gardening Workshop
Saturday, April 11, 2009
9:00 am until 12:00 noon
You can get directions on our farm site
when you register

*****FREE***** Donuts and Coffee

$20.00 per family or $10.00 for an individual

*Gardening Tips and Training
* Hands on Experience
*Look around the Farm
*Fresh Country Air
*Children can play with New Baby Goats!!!

Items For sale:
* Homemade Goat Soap
*Stone Ground Whole Wheat Bread
* Homemade Cookies and Stuff!!!

Sponsors we have, thus far:

*Stouts Green House
2900 S Division
Guthrie, Ok

*Daylight Donuts
Guthrie, Ok

*Guthrie Garden Center
811 S. Division
Guthrie, Ok

*Guthrie Ace Hardware

*Willoby's Feed and Outfitters
Guthrie, Ok

*******One Farm Basket of Goodies*******
to be given away!!!!

****Drawings for FREE Garden tools to be given away!!!!!****

It would be great if you would take a moment to pre-register here, just signing your name and see Bethany's creativity on the web site!!! (you can pay when you arrive) or you can e-mail us at if you have any questions. Come and join us!!!!!!


Laura said...

Oh how I wish we could come!! My children would love it and would talk about it for months on end if we did. :) What a fun time of fellowship (and learning...I'm a pitiful gardener!) it would be. Unfortunately, we live in Georgia. But we'd be there if we lived close enough!

Emma and Mommy said...

Well my excuse is finding a ride! Not having a vechile really stinks sometimes. But I will try. I have a friend I think might be able to take me, if she is willing. It sounds so fun and I would LOVE to come. Will see what I can work out

Emma and Mommy said...

Oh I forgot to add, yes I do think Samuel Lockwood is cute. I am soooo in love with his cute little face, he is so tiny and sweet.

Mountain Mama said...


We picked the wrong vacation destination. We should have headed your way.

ps cute baby nubians!! :)

Jessica said...

My husband was very sweet and said that we could go when I mentioned it. However, since we're over here in Southern Indiana, I figure it is an 8-10 hour drive...each way... for a 3 hour workshop. I surely would love to meet your family and see your farm :)

Nikki said...

Cindy..I"m completely up for it and we're not that far away! We're working our way back that direction..trying to make the move back to the FW direction instead of being 3 1/2 hrs southwest of it in San Angelo. If all goes well, we'll possibly be living on quite a bit of land up there in the fall. I can't make it to the workshop this time since we'll be in FW next weekend and we can't swing 2 trips that close together. But, will you do it again? Pleeeeease???? If I have a little notice I can definitely plan....and I definitely need some gardening wisdom! We are about to undertake that part of this amazing farm journey and I've just been reading everything I can get my hands on. So far, that's about all the knowledge I've got! There's nothing like learning from those that have walked down the road before you. I'd also love some dairy goat knowledge. Where to buy, what decent asking prices are and so forth. I think we may end up going with LaManchas. I think I want to stay away from Nubians but we've also considered Alpines. LaManchas sounds like they may be more geared for Tx weather and so far all I have found said they are docile. I'd love to learn from y'all and wander around your farm and meet all of you. My crew would have a blast out there and certainly have some fun with your crew.